Podcast Recommendations: May 2017

Podcasts! I love podcasts. They help make my life entertaining when doing boring tasks. As a fan of the medium, I understand that discovering new, engaging podcasts is hard. So, after having explored the field for a few years, I’d like to recommend my three favorite podcasts (in no particular order).

The Joe Rogan Experience

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The best and worst part of this podcast is the insane length. The episodes average three hours long. Due to this, all friends my friends that I recommend this to are instantly not attracted to it. Contrary to this, The Joe Rogan Experience is currently on the top twenty list on iTunes and consistently gets into the top ten. Why? Because Joe Rogan is a fantastically unconventional interviewer. Unlike standard news networks or even political shows, Rogan only sits down with someone until he understands them and if he believes they can carry an interesting conversation.

Who does Joe Rogan have on? Just about anyone, but it’s almost scientists, political commentators, or stand-up comedians. I personally don’t particularly enjoy the science episodes, but the other two I crave. I find some of my favorite comedians even funnier and more engaging in the laid-back podcast vibe than on stage. Since Rogan is a stand-up comedian first, UFC commentator second, and Hollywood actor third, he meets a lot of comedians and is best friends with some of the absolute best.

A few great guests of the top of my head: Bill Burr is always hilarious, Greg Fitzsimmons and Rogan have been friends for three decades, and Joey “Coco” Diaz has some of the funniest life stories ever. Comedians are great but as a politically charged individual I find the commentators Rogan talks to more interesting. He is a member of the NRA and pro-choice, and because of these beliefs Rogan never sounds like a partisan hack peddling his own agenda. Therefore, he can push such interesting ideas, and is always genuine. My favorite podcasts of all time have been Rogan talking to Alex Jones and Jordan Pederson. If you follow the news you might recognize Alex Jones’s name. He is the craziest man on the Internet. He believes pedophile rings are run within the CIA and NSA, and that the US government is pushing a globalist agenda (one that will make the world a single country). Is he deranged? Most likely – but he’s incredibly fascinating to listen to. Especially when you get him drunk.

The Weekly Planet

Image result for the weekly planetEver since around 2002, popular culture (mostly concerning movies) have been almost always based on properties that so called “nerds” were passionate about 20 years before. Superheroes, Lord of the Rings, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have become some of the most popular brands. Like many, I love all this stuff! Yet the hardest part of keeping up with geek culture news is the people who normally deliver it in video content. Most of the popular YouTube channels are subpar. Socially awkward nerds who can never say anything bad about any brand and often take themselves too seriously is not where I want to get my news. This is where The Weekly Planet soars and most other comic book movie podcasts fail. Hosts James Clement and Nick Mason know that their opinions don’t really matter. It’s clear when they care too much, and they never go too crazy about a certain brand. They are also both humorous and have great chemistry.

The Ben Shapiro Show

Image result for the ben shapiro showPolitics! Some of you might recognize the name. Ben Shapiro is a staunch conservative and has been somewhat controversial when speaking on college campuses. I don’t really feel incredible expressing my beliefs on a television-based website but five of the top ten podcasts on the iTunes store are political so… yeah. Politics.

Ben Shapiro is my only filter for real news and fake news. In an age where the mainstream media is pushing the anti-Trump message every day and publishing only somewhat credible stories, Ben Shapiro is there to help sort things out for me and his thousands of listeners a day. Now you might be thinking: “Hey I thought you didn’t like partisan hacks. This guy sounds totally pro Trump!” Well, reader, think again! The best thing about the Ben Shapiro show is that the man does not blindly support the polarizing figure that is the current President. He even has a recurring segment on his show called “Good Trump, Bad Trump”. The point here is that Shapiro says what he believes and has a strong moral compass for the truth.

[Editor’s Note: Check back next month for more podcast recommendations from another member of the TV and City team!]