The Resident: Season 1 – Review

The Resident premieres January 21st, then airs weekly on Mondays, 9pm on Fox.

By Chris Flanagan

As you are reading this review, know that it took everything in my being not to turn this into a eulogy for Emily VanCamp’s acting career. I have loved the roles she’s played for over a decade starting as Amy in Everwood and to see her relegated to coming off the bench to say several lines and stand with a clipboard in the background is appalling. I hope you won’t hold it against me if it does, but sadly, after watching The Resident it appears as if she will be caught in the undercurrent of a very overdone reheated hospital drama that makes sure to check every stereotypical box of characters it can.

The Resident centers around Dr. Conrad Hawkins, the resident bad boy that loves to do medicine the unconventional way. He is in charge of teaching several Doctors who are new to the field of medicine all while clashing with the hospital’s golden boy, Dr. Solomon Bell, who is well past his prime but is still attempting surgery at the expense of patient’s lives. Bell is played by the wonderful Bruce Greenwood who is in a role that is clearly beneath his talents and yet he manages to be one of the more interesting stories to rise to the top of this mediocre drama. From there, the viewer can paint-by-numbers the storylines they will encounter on a weekly basis. They are bland and the characters are easily forgettable partly because they aren’t very well written and also because the writers felt the need to have almost all of the plot revolve around Dr. Hawkins. Just from the pilot, Hawkins manages to fix all of the problems from the failing doctors around him as well as still find time for hospital coitus with VanCamp’s character.

I’m going to save you some trouble with The Resident. If you’ve ever watched a well-made hospital drama, then you already know the patients and their problems that will be featured weekly on this show. You will already know and in some cases can probably predict some of the monologues and speeches the doctors are going to give. You will already be able to identify what type of doctors (angry, insecure, brash, naive, etc) populate this fake hospital. You already know these characters and have seen them done better elsewhere which is why The Resident will more than likely lose you fairly quickly into its pilot. It’s not well written and fails to rise above other similar shows that have come before it and does very little to disprove my working fan theory that if you’ve seen one hospital drama then you have seen them all. Emily, you will be missed and I hope to see you thriving as the lead in your own show very soon. I won’t judge you even if it’s on Freeform or The CW, just come back to us.

I give The Resident a D.


10 thoughts on “The Resident: Season 1 – Review

  1. I think this is a decent show, not great, but does command some interest. Probably has a bit of medical reality in the sub-plots and the USA needs some more Dr’s like Hawkins !!

    1. AWFUL TV SHOW!!! DARK, NO CHARACTERS EVEN REMOTELY APPEALING, MOST OFFENSIVE! I COULD ONLY WATCH 5 MINUTES BEFORE I stopped, DELETED AND REMOVED FROM ANY FURTHER TAPING. The HEAD DOCTOR (Greenwood) SCREWS UP OPERATION, KILLS PATIENT, TELLS rest in operating room that cause was HEART ATTACK, NO ONE’s fault. NEXT SCENE= new doctor walks in, and Dr. Hawkins points at black woman and asks him ‘WHAT COLOR TO YOU LIKE IN YOUR WOMEN”!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?! I LOVE MEDICAL TV DRAMAS, so this has to be really awful for me to at least not watch past first episode 5 minutes.

      1. it’s different medical tv show but it’s realistic to me. There are some bad doctors that making money is more important to them.

  2. OMGeeee
    Who is the medical expert on this show! Medical Terminology 101 – basic terminology (drugs and procedures – get it right)! Come on! There are so many mispronounced words! Then we have the rogue chief of surgery who probably has Parkinson’s AND the know-it-all resident who breaks EVERY ethics violation in the book. And MIRACULOUSLY 2 Heart transplants in one hospital…. on the same day! Now THAT’S some MIRACLE!
    These antics would never fly in a real hospital!
    I gave this show a chance…. 2 episodes and I am ready to jump off a cliff!
    I KNOW this is just a tv show – bit it’s so painful to watch as a medical professional. I was really hoping for more!

  3. I agree with your review. Not completely but I do.
    It’s nothing new. To me, it feels like a mash between Grey’s Anatomy and NBC’s cancelled “The Night Shift.
    What bothered me were the tropes of the genre: the driven and talented doctor (she was Cristina Yang), the almightly older doctor who doesn’t want to retire (Dr. Webber in season 6) and so many more.
    Yes, it was a bit unoriginal but frankly maybe better than the last 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.
    One thing we are totally on the same page: sidelining Emily Vancamp was a crime. She was so great on Revenge and seeing her as the accessory to the main character made me furious.
    Nonetheless, I’ll keep watching. At least for a couple of episodes.

  4. I completely disagree. If you watch medical dramas to learn how to be a Dr. or learn surgical procedure, yes, it will fall short. If you are looking for an entertaining, fast paced show that will keep you entertained for its run time, you won’t be disappointed. Give a series through the 3rd episode to make a final judgement. Often it takes that long for character development.

  5. I don’t usually like or watch medical dramas, I’m watching this one! It started off from a 7, 8, 10 to a 9( that’s rating in order of episodes) The script in some places could be stronger but most of the acting is carrying the show over the weaker lines. So I see the show only getting better. If the cast is kept in tact. Grading the show as if it was a term paper- I give it an : A

  6. I’m really hoping that lane hunter either gets killed off but after being double crossed by Randolph bell , I’m hoping that Randolph bell gets what’s coming to him immediately because he sucks he’s a horrible surgeon. I’m hoping that sooner rather than later that its a plan for Conrad to ask his father to buy that hospital for him and he will become the CEO. I never heard of a doctor being the CEO of a hospital this show is making me mad with all these lies and cover ups , including lane hunter acting like a out of control money hungry slut I liked her in CSI NYC I hate her in here. And those whack ass board members are stupid this is why I would never ever have board members in any of my businesses they’re pointless positions filled by people on a power trip. The fact that the board approved Randolph bell to be the CEO after all the mistakes he’s made is beyond unreal , however Claire deserved to be fired for being so damn blind and overlooked everything Randolph bell did. Don’t get me started on mina she only cares about herself and she’s a puppet let’s see what she does , now that her worst nightmare is the CEO I guarantee his days as CEO are numbered. If I was nic I would sue the hospital Randolph bell and lane hunter for wrongful termination , how the hell can you fire someone without valid proof not to mention he was in on it. I bet this show gets cancelled before the summer starts or ends due to horrible reviews by rotten tomatoes seems like shows are always cancelled after a review from rotten tomatoes. This show makes real doctors and nurses look bad I’m getting into screen writing myself and I would never ever write any garbage like this. It seems like no research was done or actual input from real doctors and nurses even dick wolf uses individuals that trains the actors and actresses in his shows. I’ve watched all the episodes of the resident but I prefer to watch Grey’s anatomy and Chicago med

  7. Michael said this:
    “This show makes real doctors and nurses look bad . . . ”
    Poor, witless Michael is in dire need of a medical=reality brain adjustment. If you seriously believe this show reflects poorly on the medical profession, you don’t know a fraction of what goes on behind closed doors. As a 35-year Paramedic, I can promise you the largest “problem” with this program = as nearly all others – is that a shoot-from-the-hip, young maverick MD would ever get away with tossing protocols in the trash and “just doing the right thing.” As a professional rescuer, I can attest to the fact that the quickest lane to a short career in medicine is trying too hard to save a life.
    The abject tossing out protocols is the baseline fakery of “The Resident.”
    But the outsized egos, the greed, the bullying and mistakenly dead patients are very, very real.
    Best fess up to the accurate reality: American “healthcare” kills 400+ innocent souls every day of the year.

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