The 2018 Oscars – 6 Things We Liked & 2 We Didn’t

Despite a long runtime, The 90th Academy Awards kept us interested the whole evening. Viewers were treated to a fun broadcast with many highlights.

By I. Simon

Here are the parts we loved:

1) Roger Deakins FINALLY Gets His Oscar

Roger Deakins, AKA the greatest cinematographer alive, has had 14 Oscar nominations and has never won once. Thankfully, that changed last night when he won for his best work yet, the masterpiece Blade Runner 2049. It is without a doubt one of the most beautifully shot films ever made, and, as I mentioned in my predictions piece, if Deakins hadn’t won, then the AMPAS probably would’ve lost all respect I had for them. Luckily, they gave him the Oscar, so there’s still a little bit of hope in the Academy.

2) Sam Rockwell Wins Best Supporting Actor

Having been a fan of Sam Rockwell for a long time now, I have been waiting for the day where he’d finally get his Oscar. I had hope after seeing him in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, in which he gives a phenomenaly layered performance (and one of his best performances) as a racist cop. It was very nice to finally see him get the acclaim that he’s deserved for a long time now.

3) Frances McDormand’s Award Speech

While Sally Hawkins gave the best performance of 2017 by any actor in any category, Frances McDormand was still phenomenal in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and the best thing about winning was hearing her empowering acceptance speech. It was both amusing and inspiring, seeing her call on all the female nominees to stand up.

4) Jimmy Kimmel & Actors Surprise Fans

People were watching A Wrinkle In Time in a cinema next to the Dolby Theatre (where the Oscars are held), and as a thank you to moviegoers, Jimmy Kimmel decided to round up multiple A-listers and surprise them with snacks. What a kind gesture. Imagine being surprised by Gal Gadot and catching a hotdog from Armie Hammer!

5) Jordan Peele Wins Best Original Screenplay for Get Out

Get Out was one of the biggest surprises of 2017, as well as a huge cultural phenomenon. The fact that it went from a small horror film, to sleeper hit, to potential Best Picture nominee, to literally winning Best Original Screenplay and getting multiple nominations is absolutely incredible. While Get Out may not have been my first choice to win, Jordan Peele still deserves it. I am happy that he won, and I look forward to his future work, as he shows a ton of promise as a filmmaker.

6) The Shape of Water’s Wins

As someone who absolutely loved The Shape of Water (it made my top 3 of 2017), I was incredibly happy to see it get as much love as it did, winning four Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. This may very well be my favorite Best Picture winner in a very long time, and all of the acclaim that this film, Guillermo del Toro, and co. have gotten is well deserved.

Image result for guillermo del toro oscars

Now, for the parts I was less fond of:

1) Allison Janney wins over Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf gave an excellent performance in Lady Bird, portraying a mother who does not get along with her daughter 100%, but still loves her very much. Meanwhile, Allison Janney was too over the top for her character, and turned Tonya Harding’s mother into a comedic role. I honestly wish I could see what the voters saw in her.

2) Jimmy Kimmel’s Hosting Gig

If we’ve learned anything from this year’s Oscars, it’s that you *can* have too much of a good thing. Kimmel was hilarious at last year’s show, but he just could not make it work this year. I didn’t laugh once during his time. I’m not kidding. The whole jet ski bit just fell flat.

Image result for kimmel oscars 2018

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One thought on “The 2018 Oscars – 6 Things We Liked & 2 We Didn’t

  1. It was the dullest Oscars in donkeys. Really wanted to go to bed
    about 45 minutes in. It needed Ricky Gervais to go mediaeval on the
    I predicted on a friend’s blog SHAPE would win Picture and GET OUT
    would win Screenplay – pity I was snowbound and couldn’t put money
    on them! SHAPE hit all the snowflake targets – gay, black, disabled,
    freaky foreign Other.
    DUNKIRK should have got Score – it was phenomenal.SHAPE OF WATER was
    a study, not an opera. Zimmer was robbed.
    I wish the actor categories had changed even for entertainment value.
    McDormand can afford to be a feminist when she’s married to a man
    who writes her roles for her – she’s the same in everything, even for Martin
    BLADE RUNNER should have got Production Design but at least Deakins
    finally got recognised.
    The song performances were utterly dire and dreadfully staged. Whoever
    directed and produced the show needs to be given a swift kick.
    But at least BB8 showed up and Warren turned up with a woman who’s
    had surgery to look like a wax model of Faye. Between her and Ashley Judd
    they’re keeping the doctors busy. OMG.
    Even the dresses were dull as ditchwater bar Nicole K’s and maybe Salma’s
    which I presume she borrowed from some Bedouin tribe.
    If they get any more diverse they’ll have mullahs beheading infidels as an
    interval act.
    Even this year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood issue suffers from the PC disease.
    Get me Travis Bickle.

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