Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition

snl costumes

Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition opened this past May, and has been generating buzz around the city. The TV and City team was recently given a chance to visit the exhibition, and we were truly impressed with the experience.

The walk-through of Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition is as close as you can get to experiencing a week in the life of the iconic program itself. As you progress through the halls, you’ll see how much needs to get done in just 6 days. Scattered around the walls are SNL trivia tid-bits, quotes, behind the scenes photos, and more.

Lorne’s office was Monday. Tuesday, we were in the writer’s room. Wednesday is the read-through, production and design. Thursday meant sets and costuming. The show comes together Friday, final rehearsals happen Saturday, and it all culminates in the broadcast Saturday night. Then followed, of course, by the “after-party” (gift shop).

True fans however, might be more excited for the other big draw the exhibition offers; the original costumes and authentic props from memorable sketches. Viewers from any era will be satisfied seeing their favorite characters and items on display. From the Coneheads to Drunk Uncle, it’s there in its full glory. The Bass-O-Matic Blender, Landshark, and the D— in a Box costumes are all on display, along with lots of other fan-favorites.

Towards the end of the exhibit, after a session in the control room, visitors enter the ‘home base’ – a replica of the Studio 8H stage, and are treated to a model show hosted by Tina Fey. While seated in the audience, you enjoy a monologue, musical performance and a sketch.  You can see how the all work during the week has resulted in a great show.

Our team’s favorite part of the display came when we saw the full set re-creations of Wayne’s World, Church Lady, and Celebrity Jeopardy. You can take a selfie as Garth on the couch, and press the buzzer as Burt Reynolds. It’s worth noting that there are many great photo opportunities throughout the ‘museum’.

Although not cheap (the price is comparable to other exhibitions), this Saturday Night Live experience is a must for both hardcore and casual fans. The amount of detail and work put into the greatest sketch comedy show of all time will blow visitors away.

Our walk-through fittingly ended with pictures of every cast member; the legacy of Saturday Night Live.