The League: “That Other Draft” – Review

“The Other Draft” gets an A-

The seventh and final season of The League kicks off (see what I did there?) with a great episode. Different than in the past, we finally get to see our favorite frittatas outside of the NFL season.

After a hilarious cold-open with Marshawn Lynch, we get a scene which perfectly shows off each character. Each member of the group presents their idea for a new “Dre” trophy. This show runs on the idea that this group of friends can be complete d*ckheads to each other, but still stick together.

For it’s last year, The League is bringing back fan-favorite characters; starting this episode with Pete’s ex-wife Meegan. Andre’s dating her now, and Pete is pretty upset about it. Taco also generates big laughs this week with his ‘loving punishments’ story line. Jenny had the main plot, having won the chance to announce the Bear’s third round draft pick. Kevin spends the episode whining that she should let him do it since it’s his birthday. It’s kind of annoying, but not out of character.

Even if you’re not a football fan, it’s pretty cool to see the group at the actual NFL draft. They of course have an encounter with some players, fool around, and even hand in the Seahawk’s pick – an amazing scene. (“With Seattle, it’s proven: You gotta run it in”)

Everything seems to be going as planned, but in the end, everything crashes and burns. It’s happened before and it will happen again, because The League knows not to mess with its winning formula.

“The Other Draft” gets an A-

Random Thoughts

  • The fantasy soccer at the beginning was the funniest moment for me: “…a six-way tie at the top for first with zero points.” Freakin’ hilarious
  • “Where did you get that outfit? Footlocker?” “Yeah, actually, I did.”
  • Not enough Ruxin this week! Did you even notice?
  • 5 cameos. Wow.
  • Rafi was in for just enough time. A quick cameo, without stealing the spotlight.
  • “Just a good old-fashioned garlic-bread-butt-shove.”
  • “Joke’s on you: I don’t choose my hats. They choose me.”
  • Pushing their fantasy draft to episode 2 is a little weird, but it doesn’t matter.