Best Time Ever: “Episode 1” – Review

Best Time Ever #1 gets a D+

Best Time Ever is definitely not the best time ever. The concept looks amazing on paper; a live variety show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris! But it fails to excite viewers at home, and even the studio audience seemed to barely be laughing.

The show started off with “Best Days of Your Life” – a segment in which NPH revealed to a couple that he’d been stalking them for the past few months. The surprises continued when 3 viewers-at-home learned they were about to participate in a karaoke game led by Gloria Gaynor. This was about as much fun as watching other people do karaoke. As in, not very.

“Neil Versus” put the host against guest Reese Witherspoon on an American Ninja Warrior-like challenge. Unlike ANW, the only obstacle was climbing upwards. Snooze.

“Undercover” seemed like it could become the best recurring bit. Pranking celebrities is always a hit, right? Well yes, but not if they don’t have any funny reactions. Harris disguised himself as the host of The Voice in Austria. Carson Daly, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams all fell for it, but that wasn’t enough.

In final minutes, Harris closed with the “End of the Show Show”. It feature pogo-sticks, bar tricks, and all the night’s guests.

Everything on Best Time Ever has potential. All the games and segments are great ideas, they just need to be perfected. A lot of work needs to be done, but by the end of the 8 episode run we should see some big improvements.

Best Time Ever #1 gets a D+

Random Thoughts

  • Nicole Scherzinger was… there. She really didn’t do much.
  • The stalking bit was fake. I’m pretty sure.
  • I hope they do more with Little NPH in future episodes.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris - Season 1