The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, which launched at NYC’s Discovery Times Square this July, gives fans of the series the closest things to visiting Panem. With over 1,000 authentic props from the film franchise, a visit is sure to get you hyped for the final installment, Mockingjay Part 2, coming next month. TV and City was recently given a chance to check the exhibition out, and gladly accepted.

The exhibit begins with a video introduction by actress Elizabeth Banks, ending with the iconic quote, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” You then travel through seven galleries featuring incredibly detailedgallery5-tl recreations of locations from the series, starting in District 12, riding on the Tribute Train, and ending in the Capitol.

There are many interactive elements to the exhibit, and they truly enhance your experience. Kids will love the polling stations where you can vote for what you would do in different Games themed scenarios. For more hands-on activities, head to an area when you can practice tying knots or have a fight choreography lesson.

You can also star in a short video of yourself on a chariot, with neat special effects added in with computers. Although the photo/video packages are quite pricey, so feel free to skip that room.

As a standard, the ending hall leads you right into the gift shop. Seemingly endless products with Hunger Games logos, and exclusive “Peeta’s Bakery” items line the walls. We even spotted Hunger Games bottled water.

While clearly aimed at passionate fans, even those not familiar with the movies will appreciate how elaborate this exhibit is.

We asked Avi Faivish – the biggest Hunger Games fan on our staff – about his experience. Here’s what he had to say:

For an avid fan of both the books and movies like myself, This exhibition is a must-see. The curators clearly put a lot of work into making the walk-through as exciting as possible. From posing with Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci at his best) to a make-your-own propaganda station, the experience is electrifying. Anyone interested in movie-making will be delighted to see the props on display. The museum’s vast collection includes the actual ”Girl On Fire” dress, the Mockingjay pin, and LOADS of costumes. Another highlight was the various screens with a multitude of information regarding the behind-the-scenes aspects of filming.

I have been a follower of The Hunger Games franchise since its initial publication, and I strongly recommend going to this exhibit. It has everything a true fan of The Hunger Games would want, and even if you are not a fanatic, I can assure you an enjoyable time.