Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – 6 Things We Loved & 2 We Didn’t


Although most critics have been saying differently, Batman V Superman lives up to the hype. For any fan, seeing these two iconic heroes together on screen for the first time is truly incredible.

Here are the parts we loved:

1) Batfleck

When Ben Affleck was cast as the caped crusader almost 3 years ago, internet fanboys were outraged. After viewing Dawn of Justice, they should be satisfied. Affleck’s portrayal of an vczui_0ilt2xalready experienced Batman feels fresh, and his sheer size makes you cower in terror. I don’t think we got enough time alone with Bruce Wayne to make a verdict, but things are looking good heading into a solo Batman movie.

2) The Villain Choices

Many reviews, like The A.V. Club’s, have bashed Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor, saying he has basically importred his acting from The Social Network. While this film’s Lex is definitley… ‘milennial,’ I really liked his outright craziness. Luthor is pulling the strings the whole movie. And while yes, Doomsday’s CGI was not exactly the best, I enjoyed the final fight nonetheless. The throwback to Man of Steel with Zod’s body was cool as well.

3) Wonder Woman Wows

wonder-womanThe world has never gotten a Wonder Woman movie. In fact, the world has never seen Wonder Woman appear on the big screen before. And while she never even talks to Superman, you can tell Gal Gadot was a great choice. Seeing the ‘Trinity’ together for the first time is amazing for any comic-book fan. There’s even a little setup for her 2017 solo outing.

4) There’s an Actual Winner

Granted, it is called Batman v Superman, but most viewers were expecting a short conflict, then both heroes uniting against a larger threat. While that isn’t completely wrong, the movie still lives up to it’s name. When Flash and Arrow fought on TV, no one was crowned the winner. Here, the titular characters duke it out, and one is definitely victorious. A certain indescribable rush comes from seeing legends brawl.

5) Justice League Cameos

Aquaman. Cyborg. Flash. We won’t be seeing these names together for awhile (Justice League hits November 2017), but glimpses of the individuals are scattered throughout aquamanBvS. Aquaman is given a clear look, Flash actually speaks but is mostly hidden, and Cyborg is shown from a distance. My theater erupted with applause after each cameo. This movie sets up the DC Cinematic Universe as a real competitor for Marvel’s, even hinting Darkseid as a future villain.

6) That Plot Twist Ending!

One the major complaints lodged against comic-book movies since forever is that they can’t kill off a main character, so there’s no suspense. Everything will be resolved in the end. That changed when Marvel made the decision to kill Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. But we barely knew Quicksilver. Batman V Superman makes a death feel real. The fallout from this death will greatly impact the future of the franchise. (Until of course, the character is resurrected.)

Now, for what should’ve been better:

1) Everything Feels Like a Tease

It makes sense, considering this is the DC Universe’s flagship. But even with a resolution, the movie doesn’t feel like a stand-alone experience. For all the praise I gave the cameos, I feel like this was just a giant setup. Everything coming in the future was teased, but Zack Snyder should have spent more time perfecting this movie.

2) Overstuffed/Run Time

Dawn of Justice is a crowded film. There’s so much going on, and so much is crucial to the story. And to a casual movie-goer, the 152 minute run-time will feel long. A lot more could’ve been cut though. Lois Lane’s sub-plot basically exists so Amy Adams has something to do. Did we really need the millionth flash back of Batman’s origin story? With most of the action stored at the second-half, the exposition seems to droll on.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice