Supergirl: “World’s Finest” – Round Table

Welcome to the first ‘Round Table’, where we discuss different topics relating to fandom in pop-culture. Our discussion this time is last night’s Supergirl/The Flash Crossover. For our first edition, I’ll keep it short.

This edition’s panelists:

  1. Elazar Abrahams (TV and City Editor)supergirl-ep-18-3
  2. Moey Berkowitz (Comic Book Corespondent)
  3. Evan Petrash (Comic Book Corespondent)

Let’s get started!


First of all, was this crossover a success?

Moey: Yes. Evan: Definitely. Elazar: Yes. It was so much fun.

Well then, what was your favorite part?

Elazar: What made this episode amazing was the chemistry between Kara and Barry. Though they never shared a scene on Glee, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are great together. Those early scenes with the two heroes bonding were my favorite parts.

Evan: All the name-drops and references were cool. I enjoyed how they paired up Livewire and Silver Banshee as the villains. And I can’t forget Kat Grant’s line about The CW.

Moey: Just the tone of the episode. It was like an antidote to Batman V Superman. I mean, that movie was really dark, and this crossover was the total opposite. Very cheerful.

Anything you guys didn’t enjoy?

Moey: Well, by the ending I thought they were pulling that memory loss plotline from Superman II. Luckily that wasn’t the case. But my main complaint is that we don’t know how Flash got to this Earth. Kind of annoying having the episodes out of order.

Evan: Banshee’s makeup was awful. Looked like an average Halloween costume.

Elazar: Too anti-climatic. The firemen save them. Really?! Stupid conclusion. Luckily none of these things ruined an otherwise great show.

Unfortunately I’m out of time. Any last thoughts or comments?

Elazar: #Karry

Evan: This episode could stand on it’s own as a Supergirl episode. Impressive.

Moey: I wanted an actual race! (also they totally should’ve hooked up)

Seems like the “World’s Finest” was unanimously a hit. Thanks for joining us on Round Table…



(future editions will be longer)