Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 2 – Binge Breakdown

We’ve been anticipating season 2 of the Netflix Original comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for over a year. Now, our favorite cult-survivor is back and ready for more hilarity. On this post, the TV and City chronicles our favorite moments from each episode.

1: “Kimmy Goes Roller Skating!”

  • Funniest Line:  “Where you’re from the Midwest, people say: ‘I’ll never cheat on my wife’ or ‘I’m not gay, I’m a wrestling coach’” – Lillian
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: The Kardashians running gag. “Wait. How do I know all this?”
  • Guest Star Watch: Fred Armisen as Bobby Durst. Yes, that Durst.
  • Best Musical Moment: Bobby and Lillain’s “Under The Manhattan Moon”
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: The easy choice for this episode’s MVP is Titus, with his whole abandoned wife story-line. But I’m choosing Lillian for her attempt to help Kimmy get over Dong. Every line from Carol Kane is golden.
  • Overall Thoughts: Almost every joke landed, but this premiere felt a little weak. It didn’t set up a plot aside from the mysterious flash-forward to a Christmas party, and the whole story seemed kind of sub-par for a season opener. Here’s hoping for better!

2: “Kimmy Goes on a Playdate!”

  • Funniest Moment: A tie between Kimmy’s opening monologue applying for a job, and the series of iPhone photos showing her meeting and subsequently being bitten by a squirrel.
  • Top Pop-Culture References: There were a few good ones this time. Interstellar and Disney’s Robin Hood got shout outs, but Buckley’s Ninja Turtles play date in the city sewers comes out on top. Honorable mention to Mikey the construction worker’s Tilda Swinton car. And did you spot Jeremy Piven’s instructional drumming DVD?
  • Guest Star Watch: Anna Camp of Pitch Perfect fame begins what seems to be a multi-episode arc as Deirdre, Jacqueline’s new rival.
  • Best Musical Moment: Does Chuck Lorre’s TMNT theme song count?
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: I’m tempted to give this to Xan, only because this feels like it’ll be her only appearance this season. But Jacqueline’s efforts to still appear rich (well, richer than $12 million) make Jane Krakowski this episode’s most valuable player.
  • Overall Thoughts: Definitely a step up from the premiere. I definitely get a stronger 30 Rock vibe this season, with so many jokes packed into every minute.

3: “Kimmy Goes to a Play!”

  • Funniest Line: Anything from Lillian on gangs but also… “Anonymous insults are never funny, except when you write ‘wash me’ on a car. That’s just funny, ‘cause it’s like, is it the car saying it?” — Kimmy
  • Top Pop-Culture References: Jeff Koons, Pac Man, and Notorious B.I.G. are all notable, but “The internet speaks like Chandler” was right on the nose.
  • Guest Star Watch: Amy Sedaris reprising her brief season 1 role as Mimi. (Talk about over the top.)
  • Best Musical Moment: Obviously Titus’ one man show, Kimono You Didn’t.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Lillian’s subplot was great this time, but Titus really carried the majority of this episode. He had a much better story than in the premiere.
  • Overall Thoughts: This felt like a ‘filler episode,’ which is not a bad thing, being that this was a very good one. I loved how Tina Fey used this to take down internet haters. Maybe she was addressing the backlash last year over Dong?

4: “Kimmy Kidnaps Gretchen!

  • Funniest Line: Hmm… There weren’t really any stellar lines in this episode. I guess I’d choose “How does a Patriots shirt not work? Those guys are so friggin’ gay!” – Mikey
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: “The reverend was a psycho liar who claimed he came up with the ‘Buy The World A Coke’ commercial.” Well played, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Well played.
  • Guest Star Watch: Steve Buscemi and Kelsey Grammer were Gretchen’s Apple Watch voices.
  • Best Musical Moment: How long until you can buy Bunny & Kitty t-shirts?
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: This episode really belonged to the minor characters. Gretchen and Mikey both had great delivery on their lines. There was some nice closure for Gretchen, but Mikey’s time on the show is just getting started. Mikey is the MVP for the shwarma/Lion King scene.
  • Overall Thoughts: After seemingly trying to avoid bunker business for the first 3 episodes, this installment had a quick cameo from Cyndee and a main story with Gretchen, so think of it as a nice throwback. I do think the show is suffering from lack of an overall purpose. Season 1 was more streamlined.

5: “Kimmy Gives Up!”

  • Funniest Moments: “It’s from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Croon CronCroon, which was eventually reworked into The Sound of Music. Ugh, thank you, Nazis, for saving show business! I said it!” – Titus. I also really enjoyed the rotating bus stop ad photos.
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: The easy choice here are the parody musicals like Stephen Sondheim’s Pinocchio or Alabama (the black version of Oklahoma). But “Kanye West spectrum disorder” got a big laugh.
  • Guest Star Watch: None. But this half-hour was so good, it didn’t matter.
  • Best Musical Moment: The whole episode was a musical moment.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Clearly Titus, getting to show off his pipes.
  • Overall Thoughts: This was the most consistently funny episode so far. That ending montage was well done.

6: “Kimmy Drives a Car!”

  • Funniest Moment: Driving lessons in the bunker might be the best flashback so far.
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: The Mary Poppins line was hilarious, but Kimmy’s throwback to Knight Rider was better.
  • Guest Star Watch: Girls’ Zosia Mamet and Evan Jonigkeit play the hipster Thomsteins from Austin. Kenan Thompson portrayed Lillian’s husband Roland in a flashback.
  • Best Musical Moment: A Mentos commercial capped the episode.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Just when you thought Jacqueline might have had a change of heart (based on her new found motherly side in the previous episode), she’s still just as selfish and oblivious as before. In the end, she learns to treat Kimmy better. Let’s see how long that will last…
  • Overall Thoughts: Major character development in the form of Kimmy learning to stand up for herself.

7: “Kimmy Walks Into a Bar!”

  • Funniest Moments: Anything with Kimmy. Ellie Kemper really shined in this particular episode. My favorite example being her remembering the gala date because “October is the the month of Halloween and 12 is the spookiest number… minus one.”
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: The Reverend taking credit for M. Night Shyamalan movie plots.
  • Guest Star Watch: Sam Page, of Mad Men and House of Cards fame, plays Keith, an army vet who takes a liking to Kimmy.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Honorable mentions to both Anna Camp and Amy Sedaris, but Jacqueline had some important revelations this episode.
  • Overall Thoughts: This season just keeps getting better. Plus, more character development for Kimmy, which seems to be leading somewhere.

8: “Kimmy Goes to a Hotel!”

  • Funniest Moment: With definitely one of the best quest appearances on this show, Dawson’s Creek fans will love this episode.
  • Top Pop-Culture References: Jacqueline’s dad carving a leaf to look like January Jones and “Is Cate Blanchett great, or just tall?”
  • Guest Star Watch: David Cross as a lawyer, but more importantly Joshua Jackson being extremely meta.
  • Best Musical Moment: The Fake-Christmas Song.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: In what is seemingly his last episode, Dong closes out his relationship with Kimmy very satisfyingly.
  • Overall Thoughts: Well, we finally got to the Christmas party seen in the premiere. All the setups and foreshadowing payed off. Now what? (Also, between Dong, Kimmy, and now Weiner, UKS really loves penis name jokes.)

9: “Kimmy Meets a Drunk Lady!”

  • Funniest Line: Titus using objects to judge the decade-layer at the garbage dump. (“That foot has a toe ring on it… I’m in the ‘90s!”)
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: “I don’t need to be shrunk like some Rick Moranis kid; I’m blowing up like a Rick Moranis baby!” – Kimmy. We also learned that Kimmy’s burping is her “Dursting,” like in HBO’s The Jinx.
  • Guest Star Watch: Tina Fey joins the cast in the pivotal role of Kimmy’s therapist. Billy Eichner cameos as himself in what is a hilarious moment for Billy On the Street fans.
  • Best Musical Moment: Now That Sounds Like Music! parodies scored this entire episode, starting with “Hiking On Sunrise” and ending with “I’m Convinced I Can Swim.”
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Easy win for Fey’s Andrea. Her character is a welcome addition to the show and comes with distinct personality of her own.
  • Overall Thoughts: As we enter the final stretch of episodes, Kimmy is starting to become… breakable. This show is amazing, and fits my sense of humor so well.

10: “Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!”

  • Funniest Moment: Titus’ coming-out speech was the epitome of UKS‘s bizarre hilarity. (Specifically his Pictonary analogy.)
  • Top Pop-Culture References: Andrea makes some good points about the ending of Tangled. All of Kimmy’s childhood crushes are gay, like Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, and Niles from Frasier.
  • Guest Star Watch: Former 30 Rock star Scott Adsit lends his voice to “the happy snake.”
  • Best Musical Moment: When Kimmy enters her (animated!) happy place, we’re treating to a Disney-esque tune.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Titus is one of a kind. He can’t be happy for how well Mikey’s coming-out went, because he craves drama.
  • Overall Thoughts: I feel like I should stop writing these, because there’s not much to say. Every episode is great. However, I do feel the need to complain about the run-times. Last season, every installment was ‘confined’ to 22 minutes. Now, with the freedom Netflix brings, episodes run as much as 31 minutes and kind of drag on.

11: “Kimmy Meets a Celebrity!”

  • Funniest Line: “Gay guys can have babies — I saw it at the airport. They just come out Chinese.” – Cyndee
  • Top Pop-Culture References: So many, including Tony the Tiger, Titanic, Human Centipede, Backstreet Boys, and Pizza Rat.
  • Guest Star Watch: Jeff Goldblum as TV psychiatrist Dr. Dave.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Every line that comes out of Lillian’s mouth cracks me up. She had an especially good side story this time, protesting a new neighborhood development by handcuffing herself to a bulldozer.
  • Overall Thoughts: Still 2 episodes left, but it’s clear that the back of this season is the stronger half. Most reviewers only got screeners of the first 6 episodes, and I don’t think you can fairly judge the brilliance of this show from those.

12: “Kimmy Sees a Sunset!”

  • Funniest Line: “Eh, not your best observation, dear. C+” – Lillian, speaking for the audience.
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: We got a Bambi tangent, multiple Law & Order jokes, and even a reference for gamers. (So is Mario’s last name really Mario?)
  • Guest Star Watch: Surprise cameo from Ice-T, giving a moving eulogy.
  • Best Musical Moment: Titus’ Trident Gum jingle. (Sample lyric: Trident gum is the chewiest gum, Give it to your friend and chew it with your teeth, Your teeth are bones that live outside…) And of course, I can’t leave out Tina Fey’s whip and nae nae.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: Looks like Jacqueline fell in love. She’s gone back and forth so much this season that it should feel ridiculous, but somehow Jane Krakowski is just that good.
  • Overall Thoughts: Three points. One, I can’t get enough of Titus and Mikey. Two, I loved the Liz/Jenna 30 Rock reunion. Three, this finale is going to have a lot plot-points to wrap up.

13: “Kimmy Finds Her Mom!”

  • Funniest Moment: It’s so hard to choose just one! Titus discovering Titusville just superb though.
  • Top Pop-Culture Reference: Well, they went to Universal Studios, so lots of pop-culture there.
  • Guest Star Watch: In a regular episode, Josh Charles would be enough. For the finale however, Kimmy’s mom Lori-Ann is played by (!!!) Lisa Kudrow.
  • Non-Schmidt MVP: For the last episode, everyone was the MVP. Titus is leaving on the cruise! Jacqueline and Russ will take down the Redskins! Lillian is running for office! Kimmy is… married to the Reverend? *gasp*
  • Overall Thoughts: Is it season 3 yet?