IndieCade East 2016

This past weekend – press pass in hand – I decided to check out IndieCade East, at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. If you’ve never heard of the relatively small convention, it focuses on everything relating to independent video games. IndieCade East this year had well-curated talks and panels from people in the industry, as well as many playable games. It was fun, although if you’re not a video game fan, you probably won’t enjoy yourself.

The most intriguing part of IndieCade East 2016 was the “Strange Arcade.” Located on the top floor, it was essentially a collection of games that use nontraditional controllers. Line Wobbler seemed to be quite popular (it put a dungeon crawler onto an LED strip). What stood out the most was Butt Sniffin Pugs by SpaceBeagles. This two-player game uses giant tennis-balls to control the on-screen dogs.


Back downstairs, a friend and I went through almost every game demo available. Sony had a section with indie games available on the PS4. Still fresh in my mind is 100ft Robot Golf, which is exactly what it sounds like.

As for a talk, we attended “The History of Video Games in New York City in Just 22 Minutes,” an informative albeit rushed (as the title implies) presentation by Matt Hawkins. He covered everything from the 50s pin-ball craze to Dave & Busters.

For those interested in next year’s event, I’d recommend purchasing a one day pass. Unless you’re super dedicated, the activities won’t take long. I for one am hoping to attend next year.