Beaches – Review

Beaches premieres at 8pm tonight, January 21, on Lifetime.

As I was watching the 90 minute long TV movie adaptation of Beaches, starring Idina Menzel and Nia Long, I kept waiting to cry. I usually can’t even hear “The Wind Beneath My Wings” without bawling. But the tears never came.

Unfortunately this version didn’t contain anything to make the viewer feel connected to the two main characters, CC (Menzel) and Hillary (Long). The performances lacked feeling and the pace was so fast that the audience was not given the opportunity to get to know either woman well. It felt like the cast was just going through the motions without the emotion.

Of course, Idina Menzel has a great voice and her performances do not disappoint. And the film does deliver the “other women are all you need” message, as the male characters are relegated to being portrayed as bad guys. However, when Hillary dies, neither CC, Hillary’s daughter, Tory,  nor the viewer feel devastated.

I’d recommend saving yourself some time and just listening to the soundtrack.

I give Beaches a C+.