Detroiters: Season 1 – Review

Detroiters airs Thursday nights, 10:30pm, on Comedy Central.

Sam Richardson (arguably the MVP of Veep) and Tim Robinson (SNL alum) costar in the buddy comedy Detroiters. They play Michigan ad-men who are comically clueless about their job.

The two guys have great chemistry with witty back and forth dialogue, and even some heartfelt moments. However, the supporting cast, although funny, could use a lot more development and background. Hopefully this will be explored later in the ten-episode season.

Detroiters is produced by Jason Sudeikis, who guest stars as a big corporate boss. Sudeikis is a welcome addition to a cast of mostly unknown actors.

Based on the three episodes sent to reviewers, there are many recurring gags. Some are weak, but you can tell the producers put a lot of thought into the show’s version of Detroit. Not being a local (and never even visiting) means I probably didn’t pick up all the in-jokes about the city, but as a New Yorker, I can appreciate programming that shows off an area’s landmarks.

If you’re looking for a new show that’s a little different from mainstream comedies, Detroiters is for you.

I give Detroiters a B+.