NY Sports Update: NBA Trade Deadline

Following two blockbuster trades before the deadline, it looked as if we were heading towards a huge day in the NBA. Unfortunately, even with all the big names being thrown out there (Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony), the deadline day itself was relatively quiet. However, a number of teams made some shrewd moves, picking up valuable role players as they continue their quest for a championship. Let’s tackle the pair of New York teams first:

New York Knicks: D

Although the Knicks didn’t make any moves at the deadline, I had to include them here. The Knicks are a dysfunctional franchise with a horrendous owner, and a GM who clearly needs either Michael Jordan or Kobe to succeed. They needed to trade Carmelo Anthony and any other veteran on the team that they could. I love Carmelo Anthony, and still believe that he is a top player in the NBA.

However, the Knicks have no use for him, and he deserves to be on a more functional and, quite frankly, better team. The Knicks are going nowhere and all they should be doing now is working on developing their young talent, specifically “The Unicorn” Kristaps Porzingis, and stocking up on picks. Keeping Melo and D-Rose on the team didn’t accomplish either of these things. The only thing that saved them from an “F”, was the fact that Phil Jackson didn’t somehow make things worse.

Brooklyn Nets: B-

The Nets actually didn’t do something that hurt their organization, which is always a plus. Trading veteran Bojan Bogdonovitch was a great move, and acquiring K.J McDaniels for literally nothing was good as well. The thing that they did do wrong was over-value Brook Lopez. They aren’t going to compete for the next few years anyways, and with their oft-injured big man actually staying healthy, they should’ve maximized on their opportunity and traded him for picks/ young talent.

Now, for all you non-New York folk reading this, I’ve decided to include a roundup of all the other big moves:

New Orleans Pelicans: A+

The New Orleans Pelicans straight-up fleeced the Sacramento Kings. They took the best center in the NBA from a desperate team and barely gave up anything. Although they aren’t going to be great, and their lack of perimeter scoring will hurt (they traded 3 wings), they should be the favorites to grab the eighth seed in the West, and who knows, maybe their dominant frontcourt could pull off an unlikely upset of the small-ball Golden State Warriors.


Toronto Raptors: A+

The Toronto Raptors had arguably the best trade deadline of any team, which is impressive considering that the best center in the league was taken for nothing. Their trade for Serge Ibaka stayed in the shadow of the Cousins blockbuster, but it was a fantastic deal as well. Considering what Ibaka was traded for before the season began, and what they just traded for him now, it seems like he must’ve shrunk 4 inches and gained 40 pounds, but in reality he’s the same player for a much lower price. Acquiring the defensive minded P.J Tucker to help bolster the bench was the icing on the cake.


Houston Rockets: A

The Rockets were already having a historically great season from behind the arc, and adding perennial 6th Man of The Year candidate Lou Williams can only improve their already dynamic bench. They also dumped a couple of players for literally nothing in K.J McDaniels and Tyler Ennis.

OKC Thunder: B+

The only “big” move from deadline day itself, the Thunder acquired a starting power forward and shooting off the bench, two things they really needed. However, I don’t think that this will improve them enough to make them a real threat. Still they didn’t give up much and assessed two big needs, so why did they only get a B+? Well, it’s because they separated Cameron Payne and Russ, which means an end to their epic pre game routines and locker room antics.


Washington Wizards: B+

Although trading for Bojan Bogdonavitch probably won’t push the Wizards over the hump (and the Cavs), they gave up relatively nothing in a late 1st rounder to address a glaring hole in their team, bench scoring. Ridding themselves of Andrew Nicholson’s contract was an added bonus in a solid deadline.


Dallas Mavericks: B

The Mavericks acquired a nice young big in Nerlens Noel, but with them not looking like a contender it seemed unnecessary. They gave up only a top 18 protected pick, Justin Anderson, and Andrew Bogut for him though, so this isn’t a bad trade at all. This trade is pretty unimportant unless you play fantasy sports.

Los Angeles Lakers: B-

Almost identical to the Nets, except they didn’t have Brook Lopez to trade. Traded bench player for late 1st rounder, acquired young player from Rockets for nothing.

Philadelphia 76ers: B-

With the danger of sounding repetitive, the Sixers had a very similar deadline to the last team on this list. They are more similar to the Nets in that they too didn’t maximize on trading their big man Jahlil Okafor. With Joel Embiid the clear future of the team, and Dario Saric and Richaun Holmes looking better every day, they had to somehow capitalize on Okafor’s stock. However, they were able to acquire a late 1st round pick for a good bench player. (Hear that line yet?)

Chicago Bulls: C

The Bulls were one of the hottest teams to follow going into the deadline as they dangled Jimmy Butler in front of the rest of the league, only to keep him. They didn’t get enough for Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott, and if they clearly aren’t expecting to contend, then why not trade Butler? As an add-on, they were the other party involved with breaking up the Cameron Payne-Russell Westbrook combo.

Sacramento Kings: F

Last and certainly least come the Sacramento Kings. As stated earlier, they got absolutely fleeced by the Pelicans, and gave up Boogie for nearly nothing. Then, they wouldn’t even trade their other veterans for more picks. I don’t know what goes on in their management meetings, but they quite frankly stink at what they do. Even if the draft pick turns out good, and Buddy Hield comes out half decent, this will still be a terrible trade. Pathetic.


3 thoughts on “NY Sports Update: NBA Trade Deadline

  1. The two New York teams you got spot on – my only differences were: Noel played really good in his debut and is showing that he is a monster on defense and offensively he is hard to contain and dalllas got him for nothing. A pick that will not be as goood as the pick that philly had to draft Noel in the first place and Justin Anderson who they should’ve let go anyways to make space for that guy finney smith I think they deserve an A+. Philly didn’t trade Okafor which they needed to and they traded Noel for nothing. The process is now no need to draft more players. Make sure you get the max talent so when Embiid and Simmons come from injury you have the right teammates to surround them with to keep them happy and make the team win. They probably deserve a C. And as for the kings it was time to move on so atleast they did that. And they need to rebuild so now with that move they could develop Skal and Caullstein or however you spell that you get a player on your team that is a good player in Tyreke and it’s always important to have decent players in every position and they got Buddy Hields who could turn out to be a really good shooting guard. And a first that will be worth something cause Pels aren’t playing good even with cousins.

    extremely well written tho and even tho that’s my opinion I totally see your point 👍

    1. First off, I’m glad to see you enjoyed reading my analysis. Please share the link to this page around as we try to get bigger as a site.

      As for your take, I was A) writing this before any games were played (sorry, for the slight delay in publishing) so I hadn’t seen Noel play yet, and B) as I said this move just seems unnecessary as the Mavs shouldn’t be trying to win more games, and should be trying to get a better pick.

      And about the Kings, I understand that they have want to develop their young big men, but that isn’t an excuse to sell ridiculously low on the best center in the NBA.

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