The 2017 Oscars: Best Picture Nominees – Ranked

As Stephen Colbert said, “They say it’s an honor just to be nominated… It’s also a lie. [Winning] is way better.” With the Oscars airing tomorrow, February 26 on ABC, I decided to rank all nine Best Picture nominees on how likely they are to go home with gold. Now, we all know La La Land is expected to win the night’s biggest honor, but I tried to ignore the other nominees’ dismal chances for a more satisfying list. Enjoy!

9) Hell or High Water

This movie is about two brothers who rob a bank because their life depends on it. I was surprised to see it even be nominated. No chance in hell Hell wins.

8) Hacksaw Ridge

This was actually a really enjoyable film, but it might be too violent to really be considered. Plus, Mel Gibson directed it, and the Academy probably wants to stay far away from that controversy.

7) Arrival

Science-fiction movies are rarely awarded Oscars, even an ‘artsy’ flick like this one. The fact that Amy Adams was snubbed for her starring role also shows the doubts voters had.

6) Lion

Honestly? A bit too foreign-y. Plus, I doubt most of the Academy members have even seen it…

5) Fences

The Denzel Washington directed film starred himself and Viola Davis. Their performances may make this movie worthy of a win in the acting categories, but its stage play-like style hurts a chance at Best Picture.

4) Hidden Figures

This empowering (and true!) drama about three black women working for NASA in the 1960’s has received much critical and box office acclaim. The public would love if Figures could steal an upset.

3) Manchester by the Sea

The most emotional movie of the season, Manchester tugged at our heartstrings, but it won’t take down the leaders of the pack. Casey Affleck is still the frontrunner for Best Actor though.

2) Moonlight

A heartwarming story spanning three actors about one African American boy’s journey is truly inspiring. After last year’s #OscarsSoWhite blunder, I assume many will vote for Moonlight clear the tension.

1) La La Land

The first successful musical in years is set to dominate tomorrow’s Academy Awards. La La Land was beautifully directed and shot in CinemaScope. It has all the right stuff for the Oscars to eat up.


TV and City will have full Oscar coverage coming soon. Stay tuned!