Brain Candy Live!

Brain Candy Live is a two and a half hour live show hosted by Michael Stevens of YouTube’s Vsauce and Adam Savage, the television personality known for cult hit Mythbusters. I attended the Newark show last weekend and was blown away. Here’s my review:

Michael and Adam have great onstage chemistry (see what I did there?). Their banter is completely off-script (I’m assuming) and hilarious. There were a few times where experiments didn’t go right the first time, but that just made everything all the more funny. The experiments they do are fun and entertaining while also teaching basic science lessons.

The audience was hyped up the whole time; from clapping along, to being called up to participate. It was really cool to see regular people, even young children, getting involved with the likes of Stevens and Savage. I don’t want to spoil the show, but my favorite part was definitely the finale when they shot hundreds of ping pong balls into the crowd.

This production is geared towards younger viewers, although anyone who is a fan of science will appreciate it. From the first gag to the last explosion Brain Candy was certainly a hit.


Learn more and get tickets to Brain Candy Live! here.