Annedroids: Season 4 – Kid Review

The fourth season of the kids’ show Annedroids premieres today, March 3rd, so I had my younger sister Keli, age nine, review the Amazon program.

The plot revolves around three best friends, Anne, a young scientist, Nick, Shania and the androids that they’ve created, as they all do wacky experiments and go on crazy adventures. Keli’s favorite android was Pal, who never stops asking questions about everything going on around him. In the pilot, the group is being spied on by the villain, Ada, who is using Anne’s own robot against the heroes. When Pal gets slightly broken, the trio must sneak into Magnus Tech to fix him.

Keli’s favorite character was Shania, because of the laughs she provided. The funniest part was when the set of friends were controlling their virtual robo-mice and Shania’s reaction was hysterical (I’m not sure if it was supposed to be). Shania has a great personality. She’s confident and exciting, and while she may be the farthest thing from a tomboy, she enjoys working on science experiments.

A clever joke that some may not pick up on, was the moment when Anne asked Magnus 3 (another robot/android) about his emotions, and his circuit overloaded, because he obviously doesn’t actually have feelings.

The one part my sister didn’t like was how flat the evil scientist Ada felt. She walks like a stick-figure, has a straight, bland face throughout the entire show, and acts as if she is a robot. (Maybe she is? I actually have no idea but that would be a cool twist.)
Overall, Keli enjoyed Annedroids. She had not been a full-time viewer of the show, but now says that she will definitely watch more.

Kids’ Rating for Annedroids Season 4: A-.