Making History: Season 1 – Review

Making History premieres tonight, March 5th, 8:30pm on Fox.

Fox’s new time travel comedy, Making History, follows Dan and Chris’ adventures with their time traveling duffle bag. It’s an okay and decently funny premise, but it can’t stay amusing throughout a whole season.

The network seems to have realized this, and recently shortened the freshman season from 13 to nine episodes, which is about as short it can be. Yet even with this limited run, the concept still gets tiring before the end.

After messing up the American Revolution, lead Idiot Dan asks Chris, the history professor at his college to help him fix his mess. That about recaps the first two episodes, and it’s the only good plot of the season’s first half. I’ve watched four half-hours, and the whole show is kind of falling apart.

I give Making History a C.