Making History: Season 1 – Review

Making History premieres tonight, March 5th, 8:30pm on Fox.

Fox’s new time travel comedy, Making History, follows Dan and Chris’ adventures with their time traveling duffle bag. It’s an okay and decently funny premise, but it can’t stay amusing throughout a whole season.

The network seems to have realized this, and recently shortened the freshman season from 13 to nine episodes, which is about as short it can be. Yet even with this limited run, the concept still gets tiring before the end.

After messing up the American Revolution, lead Idiot Dan asks Chris, the history professor at his college to help him fix his mess. That about recaps the first two episodes, and it’s the only good plot of the season’s first half. I’ve watched four half-hours, and the whole show is kind of falling apart.

I give Making History a C.



8 thoughts on “Making History: Season 1 – Review

  1. I love time travel movies and TV.
    “The Time Machine”, 1960 with Rod Taylor was my introduction into time travel. I wasn’t even born when this show came out but my dad told me about it and my grandparents gave me a box of really good reading, “The Time Machine included. Then, it was “Back to the Future I-III” in the 80’s.
    I think it piques our interest to, at least, take a trip back to the historical events that shaped our nation. Even if it is only through books and TV.
    I’ve watched the pilot of “Making History”. So far, it is not that bad. The reason why I like this episode is because I have always been interested in that time period(18th century). In 5th grade, I did my report on Paul Revere and even drew him riding his horse, shouting, “The British are coming! The British are coming!”
    I’m hopeful the show can pick up and the actors can settle into their roles.
    Just as long as the history is accurate and not liberalized. The American Revolution happened and there’s no denying it nor can you change it. We are supposed to learn from history.
    Another plus is that the “Making History” episode wasn’t peppered with bad language and smut.
    It’s a great respite from some of the crap in movie theaters, reality TV and a fair amount of TV shows.
    So far–6/10.

  2. Ok. I watched the second episode of “Making History”.
    I did actually LOL at ‘Chris'(played by Yassir Lester) when the scene cut to him wearing a white cotton candy-like wig befitting of Einstein. I wasn’t expecting that look.
    A favorite line, coming from Adam Pally’s character, ‘Dan’: “That’s because we’re so deep undercover, we’ve forgotten our accents.”
    It’s still hit-and-miss with this series.
    But, will these few glimmers of funny be enough to keep this series afloat?

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