Love: Season 2 – Binge Breakdown

The second season of Love dropped today, March 1o, on Netflix. Fans can rest easy knowing the 12 new episodes contain the same offbeat humor they grew accustomed to in the comedy’s first season. Here’s our complete breakdown, episode by episode.

1: ‘On Lockdown’

  • Birdie Moment: This will be an interesting category to take note of. Love is billed as a comedy, and certainly is, however at times it feels completely drama-like. There will always be cute moments, but none really reach ‘laugh out loud’ status (for example, in this episode, the idea of Birdie having sex).
  • Relationship Status: The central couple reconciles, but agree to move on and just be friends. Sure enough, by the episode’s end they’re sleeping in the same bed.
  • Overall Thoughts: It was a good choice to pick up right where season one left off, with Mickey approaching Gus at a gas station. I think a time jump would’ve been disastrous. Throughout this binge, I hope Love improves. Last season was definitely enjoyable, but extremely Judd Apatow-y. If you’re not a fan of the director’s other stuff, this show might not be for you.

2: ‘Friends Night Out’

  • Birdie Moment: Birdie’s confession was hit just the right beat. Both absurd and shocking, therefore producing big laughs. Apparently, she found a dismembered a rabbit when she was eight, no, 23.
  • Relationship Status: Mickey thinks Gus and her should take a bit of a break, which would be logical for a sex and love addict. We know this can’t last for long. By the episode’s end, they’re hooking up in the back of a car.
  • Pop-Culture Watch: Home Alone, Little House on the Prairie, Rachel Maddow, and Die Hard in the Friends universe.
  • Overall Thoughts: Gus is weird. I’m aware the character is supposed to come off as incredibly awkward, but it’s almost at a level where it takes me out of the viewing experience. Paul Rust needs to tone it down a little in my opinion.

3: ‘While You Were Sleeping’

  • Birdie Moment: Unfortunately, Claudia O’Doherty only gets a few short lines of dialogue in a closing scene.
  • Relationship Status: After a hook-up, Mickey continues to claim she’ll take a break from sex. Interestingly enough, Gus and her don’t share another scene the entire episode.
  • Guest-Star Watch: Iris Apatow returned as Arya, plus a few other secondary characters from last season reappeared, like Heidi and Dr. Greg.
  • Overall Thoughts: The random subplot with Mickey’s coworker seemed pointless and odd. On the other hand, the Witchita side stories are always fun. Side note: Are Gus and his friends’ movie theme songs available anywhere online? Quite frankly, they are the best recurring part of the show.

4: ‘Shrooms’

  • Birdie Moment: If there’s one thing TV has taught me, it’s that drugs are great for comedy. A great example is this episode of Love.
  • Relationship Status: Friends that trip together, stay together. Things are stilling moving slowly between Gus and Mickey,
  • Pop-Culture Watch: Legoland and Working Girl.
  • Overall Thoughts: I really enjoyed this bottle episode. The condensed setting worked well and brought out new sides of the characters. Especially Randy. Boy, was that creepy. Will that end up leading somewhere?

5: ‘A Day’

  • Birdie Moment: This episode was noticeably absent of Birdie. Still, it moved the story along nicely with the central couple’s day out.
  • Relationship Status: Mickey is afraid she’s “binging” on Gus. The new focus on her journey through rehab has really made me like Gillian Jacobs’ character a lot more than season one.
  • Guest-Star Watch: Rich Sommer (Mad Men) returned as Dustin, Mickey’s ex.
  • Overall Thoughts: I neglected to mention this so far, but every episode has started right after the closing moments of the last. It’s a nice touch that really makes you feel like you’re progressing through their relationship.

6: ‘Forced Hiatus’

  • Birdie Moment: This episode actually revolved around Birdie, although unlike usual, her extremely nice personality wasn’t played for laughs. She has some big revelations about her life and how she needs to start behaving.
  • Relationship Status: Interestingly enough, Gus doesn’t share a single scene with Mickey the entire 30 minutes.
  • Pop-Culture Watch: Randy uses the fake last name Farquaad, which comes from the villain from Shrek.
  • Guest-Star Watch: David Spade plays Arya’s father, constantly bickering with his wife about which roles his daughter should take. He actually bonds with Gus on set, giving a small guest spot more meaning.
  • Overall Thoughts: This episode really felt like a mid-season finale, with Gus starting the next phase of his career and all. I’m looking forward to the back half of season two, as the plot hasn’t really picked a clear direction yet.


7: ‘The Work Party’

  • Birdie Moment: Birdie contemplates breaking up with Randy, and it definitely seems like she’ll start going out with Gus’ friend. They really hit off. Yes, they compared their states of depression, but still.
  • Relationship Status: Seven episodes in, and the show is finally threatening Mickey and Gus’ relationship.
  • Overall Thoughts: This was the best episode of Love so far. It was the perfect mix of comedy and tension.

8: ‘Marty Dobbs’

  • Relationship Status: Time to meet the father. In this episode, Gus meets Mickey’s pop, who is visiting from New Jersey. Things don’t go as planned leading to an almost-fight between Gus and Mickey.
  • Guest-Star Watch: Daniel Stern appears as Mickey’s dad, Marty. The two don’t exactly have the perfect relationship.
  • Overall Thoughts: The small scale of this episode didn’t quite work for me. Other bottle episodes this season hit all the right notes, but this one just felt so… contained. It’s as of the story couldn’t go anywhere, and you knew exactly what was coming.

9: ‘Housesitting’

  • Birdie Moment: Really starting to doubt her fling with Randy, Birdie neglects to invite him to the Witchita viewing party.
  • Relationship Status: Perhaps this fight will have actually have consequences. Mickey’s blowup seemed too big to just brush past in future episodes, as has been done before in Love.
  • Guest-Star Watch: Andy Dick returns as himself.
  • Overall Thoughts: Let the final stretch begin! Gus leaving to Arya’s movie set in Atlanta puts him and Mickey in jeopardy. Can’t wait to see where the last three episodes will take their st0ry.

10: ‘Liberty Down’

  • Relationship Status: Earlier in this binge, I said Gus really annoyed me. Back then, Mickey seemed like the (relatively) normal one. At this point, I feel sympathetic towards Gus, because Mickey is acting crazy.
  • Guest-Star Watch: Randall Park has a big role as the action movie director’s assistant. David Spade returns as Arya’s father. Rich Sommer returns at the tail end, hinting at what’s to come.
  • Overall Thoughts: TV Lesson #6 is that long distance relationships never work, no matter how many times the characters say “We can make it work.” Love seems to be following that trend.

11: ‘The Long D’

  • Birdie Moment: 
  • Relationship Status: Mickey, what are you doing?!
  • Guest-Star Watch: I like Rich Sommer as an actor, that’s why it’s hard to watch him as the one standing between Mickey and Gus.
  • Overall Thoughts: You gotta feel for Gus, man. He let his big break go for Mickey, then he realizes he should’ve taken it, but it’s too late. The job in New York is gone.

12: ‘Back in Town’

  • Relationship Status: I did not think things would turn out so well. In the season’s closing moments, Mickey tells Gus they should be in a real, exclusive, adult relationship.
  • Overall Thoughts: Besides for way too much time being spent on a farmer’s market chase scene, this was a great finale. Season Two of Love wasn’t amazing, but if you’re a fan of the genre, definitely check out this charming show.

Binge complete.