Big Little Lies – Predictions & Theories

Big Little Lies airs Sunday nights, 9pm on HBO.

Admittedly, HBO’s Big Little Lies started off as merely entertaining trash. Stick it with for a few episodes though, and the all-star cast elevates the program to must-watch status. Lies stands out in the crowded mystery genre, by not revealing who both the murder victim and killer are.

With just two episodes remaining, I decided to list my three predictions about what might happen. Since the show is based on a book, one could easily spoil the finale by reading the Wikipedia synopsis. But what fun would that be?

Without further ado, here are some guesses about who was killed, and who did the killing at Trivia Night…

1) Jane Kills Perry

Jane has confided to her new friends Madeline and Celeste that her son Ziggy is the product of rape. Celeste has an extremely abusive relationship with her husband Perry. Hear me out. We know that Perry often travels for work, meaning he disappears for days. Jane hasn’t had a scene with Perry, and she hasn’t seen any photos of him. Perry certainly seems like the prime suspect to be Ziggy’s father. We even see him choking Celeste the same way the rapist choked Jane. Jane has expressed the desire to kill her abuser, so when she sees Perry for the first time at trivia night, she might recognize him, leading to a imurder.

This route seems a little too obvious. Story wise it would work, but viewers wouldn’t be shocked.

2) Ed Kills Nathan

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed the weird gazes Adam Scott’s Ed gives his teenage step-daughter, as well as Bonnie. That needs to be important, right? With his wife Madeline constantly hung up on her ex Nathan, I can see Ed taking matters into his own hands. The problem with this prediction is that it would ignore the main characters. Maybe Ed is even ‘Saxon Banks’ – Jane’s rapist?

3) Celeste and Perry’s Twins Kill Amabella

This would be the most tragic plot-twist. At this point in the series, it’s clear that Ziggy is not the one bullying Amabella. It is definitely plausible that one of Celeste’s children sees how their father treats their mother and brings that behavior into school. Accidentally they choke Amabella for too long and she dies. It’s beyond sad, but Big Little Lies would not be afraid to go there.