Bones: Series Finale – Opinion

Bones’ series finale aired March 28, 2017.

It’s always hard saying farewell to an old friend. That was the feeling I had throughout the final season of Bones and even more so during the two part finale. 12 seasons is a long time for a show to last and I must admit that after season eight, I had stopped watching regularly. Although the show consistently rose above its formulaic weekly “who done it procedural” with engaging main and supporting characters, as well as a respect for accuracy in its use of science (leaving aside the mistake in anatomical positioning of some bones), I felt things had become staid and a bit too comfortable. When I heard that this was going to be the final season, I decided I had to come back and was glad I did . In preparation, I watched the previous season in its entirety as well as most of season ten. Ultimately I was glad to have come home. The old characters were as enjoyable as ever and the newer cast added some needed fresh breath.

In terms of a satisfying finale, I enjoyed the flashbacks, each revealing a new piece to the puzzle and surprising plot twists. It was a good story, but even stretched over two episodes, the solving of the “crime” seemed somewhat rushed. But the mystery was not the main point of the finale. It was little things like Brenna’s protégés pulling together in a “passing of the torch” that made it feel like the end.

I would have liked to have seen more old cast return, such as Booth’s son Parker and Brennan’s brother which would have brought true closure. The ending felt as if they were hedging their bets, leaving enough open to allow for the show to be brought back. One can only hope. If Bones never returns, it was an amazing run. But I can’t help but feel the ending was too normal; it felt like any other season finale. Wrapping up a show like Bones should have felt more epic.