New Girl: Season 6 – Opinion

The season finale of New Girl airs April 4, 8pm on Fox.

New Girl is one of the cleverest sitcoms on television right now, even if its ratings don’t show it. (Viewership has been steadily declining since the first season.) Seriously, this show is not talked about enough! The Fox comedy, now in its sixth season, has a great cast fun and doesn’t make the audience suffer through extremely annoying laugh tracks. The show stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess, a girl who moves into an apartment with three guys after breaking up with her boyfriend. New Girl starts off relatively slow, but after a certain character leaves and a new one is introduced it’s smooth sailing.

Now with the sixth season finale airing this week, it’s clear that the showrunners want to make sure that if New Girl does, and it likely will, get cancelled, most, if not all of the major plot lines will be taken care of. Winston is engaged to Allie, and Schmidt and Cece own a house. The only story left without a conclusion is Nick and Jess. This will almost certainly be discussed in the season finale next week. However this does not mean that I am ready to let go of this joke gold mine that I have grown so attached to these past years. Alas, it’s looking worse and worse for New Girl, and fans should probably come to terms with the end of the show.

Honestly, Schmidt is enough of a reason to keep New Girl around. He is one of the funniest characters on TV in a long time. From his Jewy-ness, to his OCD, to his fat college days, actor Max Greenfield brings all-out hilarity every week. One of the greatest love stories I’ve ever witnessed on screen is that of Schmidt and Cece. To end their story after only one season would be a travesty.

Plus, Zooey Deschanel has got to be one of the greatest comedic actresses of our time. Every single line that her character utters is hilarious and spier relatable. If Jess and Nick get together in this week’s finale, it would be nothing short of heartbreaking to see them leave the small screen after such a short time together.

And yet, as I wrote above, the creators have vowed to tie up all loose ends, so continuing the show another season or two could easily backfire and keep dragging on and on. Or the writers might be forced to break up a couple for more material, which would not play well with fans.

Sometimes constantly renewing a TV program is a mistake. Writers can run out of material, or sometimes characters you once loved just become boring. Think of one of the greatest shows of all time, The Office, which ran on NBC for 9 seasons. The last two seasons were still pretty funny, but the show lost it’s touch. I know that for some people, those last two years almost ruined the whole experience. If New Girl runs for a seventh season who’s to say that won’t happen again?

If New Girl does receive a renewal for season seven, I would be ecstatic, but approach the next batch of episodes with skepticism. If it’s gets the ax, I’ll be disappointed but happy I found this underrated gem. I also look forward to seeing the stellar cast in other projects. All good things must come to an end.



7 thoughts on “New Girl: Season 6 – Opinion

  1. I absolutely loved this program. After season 4 I lost interest, I have to admit it. But I have recently re-watched the whole series and I’d be really sad if they decide to cancel it. I completely agree that you shouldn’t drag the storyline of a show and I think The Office is a perfect example and in my opinion “Castle” suffered from the same disease.
    The cast is good and talented but for me, Winston is the best.
    Love your reviews!

    1. Thank you very much! That means a lot. I would have to say Schmidt is my favorite character even though Winston is amazing.

  2. Been watching this show since the beginning. Its my guilty pleasure. I always check the air dates every week to see when there is a next episode.

    The one liners are great, and them making Winston (not Schmidt) into a strange loft-dwelling weirdo was a great move. The Bish is a quality character.

    I feel its one of the last remaining quality programs on TV.

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