Angie Tribeca: Season 3 – Review

Angie Tribeca returns tonight, April 10, 10:30pm on TBS.

If The Naked Gun series were a TV show, Angie Tribeca would be its adopted child.

Entering its third season, Angie Tribeca has been the unsung champion of procedural comedies and has quietly been carving a niche out for itself. It’s truly something to behold. Attempting to describe its premise and in-jokes would prove futile because it is the type of show that needs to be witnessed to be truly appreciated. Several times as I watched the first five episodes, I would look away for just a second only to come back and realize that I had just missed no less than three rapidly produced jokes. Angie Tribeca demands your full attention and rewards it with eye-rolling gags and laugh-out-loud moments. I cannot state enough how well Tribeca is able to channel the essence of The Naked Gun to the point where I fully expected Leslie Nielsen or OJ Simpson (well, maybe not OJ) to step into frame for a quick bit.

The brainchild of both Nancy and Steve Carell, Tribeca does an excellent job of showcasing Rashida Jones and Hayes MacArthur in farce-like cop drama that follows the case of one major killer throughout each season’s very unique story arcs. This third season deals with a serial killer who is targeting rich white men and from there the show rapidly jumps locations from Los Angeles to New Orleans and then back to Los Angeles, which provide many great moments due to the completely different nature of the LA police and the New Orleans police precinct.

Tribeca is a part of a small club of adult-themed comedies from TBS that are subtly setting the bar for other networks extremely high. If you don’t believe me, sample any episodes from The Detour or Search Party for further proof. Sadly, these shows are not being spoken about enough and none is a more prominent example than Angie Tribeca who’s relied on its meager ratings based on sole word of mouth and various blog posts urging others to jump on the wagon. (Like this one!)

If you have the opportunity and time, Angie Tribeca is great comedic TV that will have you laughing throughout each episode. Personally, I am sad that I’ve slept on this show and am coming into it late, however, the silver lining is that I am now determined to go back and watch the first two seasons.

I give Angie Tribeca Season 3 an A.