Bill Nye Saves the World: Season 1 – Review

The full season of Bill Nye Saves the World is available today, April 21, only on Netflix.

The ‘Science Guy’ is back on TV, nearly twenty years after his original show on Disney Channel. Now, instead of explaining middle school science, Bill Nye dives into political issues, such as global warming and alternative medicine, from a strictly scientific point of view.

In each installment, Bill spends the first part explaining the topic, and then a field correspondent shows viewers the real world implications of the problem. Next comes a panel discussion with three scientists. The episode ends with an enthralling experiment.

Unfortunately, Bill Nye Saves the World is not entertaining enough to keep you interested. The corny jokes fall flat and the panelists are stopped before they can make any important points. Hardcore Nye fans will still love the program, and those who watched the Disney show as students will enjoy the nostalgia factor.

The three advance episodes sent to critics felt bland. Bill Nye Saves the World‘s only redeeming factor is Bill Nye himself.

Bill Nye Saves the World Gets a C+.