The 100: Season 4 – Opinion

The 100 airs Wednesdays, 9pm on The CW.

I watched the first three seasons of The 100 this fall and I’m now deep into season four. I’ve been wondering, does anyone even know about this show? I binged it on a whim. I hadn’t really heard that much about it despite how much I watch The CW. This show is great. It’s essentially a good post-apocalyptic mix of Lost and Battlestar Galactica. If this sounds up your alley, you should give it a shot. Earth has been uninhabitable for almost 100 years so humans live in space, but their resources are running out. What are the leaders in government to do? Send 100 imprisoned teenagers down to earth and repopulate, obviously.

In a world like that, it is obvious that characters will die but no death has been as shocking as Finn’s in season two. I thought he was important enough to stick around for the long haul. I took him to be on Clarke and Bellamy’s level of “the show would never kill them off.” I assumed Monty or Jasper would go way before Finn. I was wrong. But Finn’s death started the one trend you can be certain of on The 100. If you are in a couple, one of you is going to die, and it is going to be the less important one to the show. First Finn died and then Maya (because let’s face it no one cared about her), and then Lexa. They even had the nerve to kill off Lincoln (still sad). Oh, and I guess they killed off that girl that Bellamy was dating for like five minutes. Anyone remember her name? Yeah, me neither. Today’s couples should watch their backs: Murphy and Empori (I assume she would go), Monty and Harper, and Kane and Abby (they seem of equal value to me, but things seem to be tilting a bit more toward Abby’s eventual death considering she isn’t doing so hot right now).

The real question isn’t “who’s going to die next” rather “who will be the next big bad?” Currently, it seems the world is going to end (radiation is a killer) but we can only assume they will find a way to survive. If so, where does the show go from here? What is the next big conflict if the heroes have already survived the apocalypse for the second time?