Chris Gethard: Career Suicide – Review

Career Suicide premieres May 6, 10pm on HBO.

If you’re not a comedy nerd, you’ve probably never heard of Chris Gethard. You might recognize him from Broad City or even The Office, but his name will elude you. Now, he brings his deeply personal one man show to HBO. In Career Suicide, Gethard intimately discusses mental illness, specifically his depression, and other dark topics. As he says early on, “Welcome to a comedy show!”

The entire performance is fantastic, including the stage direction. Gethard is surrounded by the audience from three sides, and you can see him connect with them. When things get emotional, there’s always the right amount of humor to keep it light enough to laugh.

One person acts are always hit or miss. Not many personalities can hold your attention without another character to play off of. But Gethard knocks the entire hour out of the park. You feel his vulnerability coming through the screen. Every voice crack comes from a meaningful place.

More than anything, Career Suicide was surprisingly relatable. Even if you’ve never seen a therapist or taken medication, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement with Chris’ musings. After all, don’t we all know someone who can’t close the cabinets they open?


2 thoughts on “Chris Gethard: Career Suicide – Review

  1. How this guy got a special on HBO is no mystery. HBO is famous for giving anyone that begs hard enough an hour.
    If this guy was any less funny, the show would have been a drama.
    This man should seek professional advice quick. He just isn’t funny.
    I have uncle’s funnier than him over for dinner every weekend!

    1. Asshole, this isn’t a comedy show. It is a one man show. It isn’t supposed to be a laugh a minute Dane Cook special.

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