Underground: Season 2 – Opinion

Underground airs Wednesday nights, 10pm on WGN America.

WGN’s Underground is the story of the Underground Railroad. Set in 1857 at the Macon Plantation in Georgia (pre-Civil War), it tells the story of the slaves and owners there. Ernestine works in the house as does her daughter Rosalee. Noah works as the blacksmith and Cato the overseer.

Viewers also experience the story of the hunters tracking runaway slaves. The character August has made his living through leaving his family behind in search of the reward money of bringing in fugitive slaves.

Elizabeth and John are abolitionists who find themselves deep in the Underground Railroad, risking their own lives to transport “cargo” through their home along the Ohio River.

Currently, in its second season, Underground has started to portray historical figures. Harriet Tubman plays a large role, and Fredrick Douglas (played by John Legend) making an appearance.

If you are stickler for historical accuracy this show may not be for you. I don’t know much about the real-life Underground Railroad, but I’m guessing this show has flaws. Plus, the show features modern music, which I think is a cool effect, but could bother history buffs.

Still, this show is important. If you have free time, definitely add Underground to your list.


[Editor’s Note: Huge thanks to Jessica Biwer from Miss McGee for this guest post! Check out her site for more great content!]