Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3 – Review

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s third season is available on Netflix beginning May 19.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back dammit! From its rocking theme song to its snappy one-liners, the Tina Fey-created show shines from start to finish. The new third season delves into the world of millennials and gender-stereotypes. The writers were not afraid to get their hands dirty dealing with these issues.

It seems as though Ellie Kemper was born to play Kimmy Schmidt. You can feel the enthusiasm and optimism radiated from the screen. Kimmy has two main storylines throughout this season; One is about Kimmy continuing her life, mainly her education and career. It’s nice to finally see her starting to move on. Unfortunately, the other storyline has the exact opposite theme, leaving Kimmy with a moral conundrum about whether to continue dealing with the past or just forget about it and focus on the future. Look, I love me some Jon Hamm, but I’d rather see the show move away from the bunker.

Lillian’s role in this season becomes more of a standalone character arc of her running for office. This plot was an obvious nod to the insane 2016 presidential election and it was hilarious. The gag about there being only one person eligible to vote in their entire district had me rolling on the floor. I really hope we get to see as much as possible of Lillian this season, as Carol Kane is probably the funniest cast member on the show.

Titus is by far the craziest part of the season from Beyoncé homages to heartfelt moments with his boyfriend Mikey. Don’t worry, Titus’s character is just as flamboyant and outlandish as ever. I wish the entire season was one big Titus music video.

This season brings some incredible new guest stars to Kimmy’s world, including Laura Dern, Daveed Diggs, Rachel Dratch, Ray Liotta, Andrea Martin and Maya Rudolph. Plus, Fred Armisen, Anna Camp, Mike Carlsen, Josh Charles, David Cross, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm and Amy Sedaris all return. My favorite guest was David Cross (Arrested Development) by far. Him and Jacqueline have great chemistry. Their love is really tested this season; fingers crossed that they stay together. Through their relationship, Unbreakable tackles the hotly contested issue of the Washington Redskins and the NFL in general. In the six advance episodes screened for critics, this was my favorite storyline, and I am excited to see how it concludes.

If you’re looking for big laughs and great characters, load up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix for three seasons full of awesome.

I give Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt an A-.