Becoming Bond – Review

Becoming Bond is available on Hulu beginning May 20.

Ever heard of George Lazenby? Well, he played James Bond. Despite that, he’s not too famous for the role of a lifetime, rather for his decision to turn down a multi-film contract that would have made him a millionaire and household name. The new documentary Becoming Bond lets him tell his own story in a humorous way.

Labeling the film a ‘documentary’ isn’t entirely accurate. Lazenby sits in a chair narrating from first memories up until he walks away from the movie biz after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Director Josh Greenbaum recreates events from Lazenby’s life, with a number of actors.

Lazenby has a fascinating blend of self-deprecation and colossal confidence, telling embarrassing stories that come off as hilarious. Still, I don’t really need to hear about how many people he’s slept with.

I’m not a Bond fan, so perhaps I can’t judge this documentary fairly. The parts that discussed Lazenby’s choice to leave 007 were the most fascinating. He came from nothing (a used car salesman in Australia), and returned to the life he wanted. Following Sean Connery is no easy task, I guess.

I give Becoming Bond a B-.