Dirty Dancing Remake – Opinion

The Dirty Dancing remake airs tonight, May 24, 8pm on ABC.

I won’t be tuning into the Dirty Dancing remake. Mostly because I can’t think of a single thing to change about the original. Sure, Abigail Breslin will pull off awkward Baby well enough but that doesn’t mean I want to see anyone besides Jennifer Grey in the role. Can she carry a watermelon as well? I doubt it. And there is no way she’ll scream “Johnny” quite the way Jennifer did.

I don’t know who this new Johnny Castle guy is but he is no Patrick Swayze. I can’t imagine it will be quite as satisfying hearing someone else say “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” No one else could ever look this good:

Image result for dirty dancing patrick swayze gif

Hell, I don’t even want to see anyone else as Baby’s parents. Jerry Orbach, we all miss you.

The 1987 version has a lot of great moments but none compare to this. I couldn’t stomach watching this scene redone:

I just don’t see why Dirty Dancing needed to be remade. I will admit I haven’t read much about ABC’s plans for the three-hour event, so maybe there are some differences that make this version different, and therefore worthy of another shot.

Classics should stay as they are, untouched.


[Editor’s Note: Huge thanks to Jessica Biwer from Miss McGee for this guest post! Check out her site for more great content!]


17 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing Remake – Opinion

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I can’t bring myself to watch it. Patrick Swayze IS Johnny Castle. (It’s worse than when they tried to remake Footloose.)

  2. I don’t think it’s horrible. I agree the original shouldn’t be messed with. I think Abigail Breslin did a good job. She’s no Jennifer Grey but it’s nice seeing a woman who looks like the everyday woman playing an iconic role that most women thought couldn’t be a realistic imagination.

  3. It was okay I really loved the singing. I didn’t like the ending at all or the dancing. Johnny and Penny were the only ones who looked like they were dancing. This is one of those movies that once was enough.

  4. I love the original movie and cast. Changes to the new movie makes it cheesy. Dancing and singing good but you can’t beat Patrick Swatze and Jennifer Gray!

  5. You can remake the story, duplicate the sets and copy the dialogue word for word…but you cannot resurrect the steamy chemistry between Swayze and Gray. It just wasn’t there.

  6. It seems to be the current climate to remake pretty much every single classic, with usually very bad results. Some things should just simply remain untouched and left alone. Could not agree with you more.

  7. I have to agree here too. Dirty Dancing should be left alone. as for me, I still want to kill whoever made that 2002 film Rollerball. The 1975 original was it for me.

  8. I watched some of it with my mom and it was just not good. It was as if we were watching a whole new movie.

  9. Terrible terrible terrible! I have to re-watch the original just to get the AWFUL chemistry between johnny & baby out of my head! It was embarrassing to watch, yet I couldn’t stop! I kept hoping it would somehow redeem itself!

  10. The original Dirty Dancing movie was a classic with the perfect amount of romance drama and comedy. The chemistry between Jennifer and Patrick not only warmed your heart but excited the passion within you and made you want to fall in love.
    ABC’s remake ( and why would you ?) appears as a total disconnection of this classic movie. With a handful of iconic lines sadly placed in the wrong scenes and brilliant scenes , such as Baby’s sister singing off key of a campy Hawaiian tiki song in the talent show, sadly left on the cutting room floor, it seems as though ABC forgot what movie They were making.
    In the original when Baby and Johnny take off to the woods to practice the Famous Lift, their emotions begin with frustration as they get in the car to a believable playfulness on the log to a united yet unspoken passion as Baby flys into Johnnys arms and he catches her and lifts her into the air. Thus igniting the fire in our hearts. Not only do you want Baby and Johnny to be together, you need Baby and Johnny to be together.
    ABC’s remake version of this scene seemed forced and uncomfortable at best.
    And what’s with this new ending that shows us that even though Baby, now married to someone else, longing for Johnny with tears in her eyes as she watched him perform many many years later on Broadway, never got back together with Johnny. The fact that we never knew what happened to Baby and Johnny in the original is partly what left our hearts full of passion, want and desire, when the movie was over. It left us to our own imaginations, to our dreams of what became of them, to watching this original classic over and over and over again just to feel the passion and love between Baby and Johnny.
    If you love the original Dirty Dancing with Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze I suggest you don’t watch ABC’s remake, it will only leave you frustrated and shaking your head. There are some classics that should never be remade, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, and Dirty Dancing.

  11. Abigail Bredlin, a fine actor, will regret doing this movie for the rest of her life. Those of us foolish enough to watch it will regret it for the rest of ours.
    The movie, “Dirty Dancing,” has reached the pantheon of filmdom. To think of emulating it is foolish. To have created this travesty of a remake is a mortal sin against the art form.
    A couple of questions scream at us from the screen.
    1 — In the name of divine providence, why would you cast someone for the part of Baby who cannot dance at all and obviously can’t be taught to dance. This movie should be titled, “Embarrassing, Pathetic Dancing?”
    2 — Were it not for the inescapable comparison to the perfect original, would we still consider this movie one of the worst films ever made?

  12. I would agree with worst remake ever. Whoever played Johnny started and ended his career in 3 hours. Supposed to be a “professional dancer” but he can’t dance. Made Nicole Scherzinger look like she couldn’t dance either. And poor Abigal Breslin danced the same from beginning to end. From that cheesy opening shot to that rediculous ending it was so bad I couldn’t take my eyes off. Might end up becoming the Plan 9 From Outer Space of television.

    1. “Poor Abigail Breslin” is an apt description, but we shouldn’t forget that she wasn’t forced at gunpoint to take this part. Even if the casting agent had a sub-50 IQ and the producers had no measurable IQ at all, shouldn’t Miss Breslin have known better than to accept this role, much less than to show up for filming 30 pounds overweight. There’s enough blame here to place part of it on “poor Abigail.” She’s responsible for shepherding what was to this point an exemplary career for a young actress, but I fear that she just fed it to the wolves. This movie was literally bad enough to stop the industry from considering her for good parts. Stills of the so-called “lift in the lake” could do for her what the photo of Michael Dukakis in the tank did for his hopes.

  13. Yes, this remake was pretty terrible. I was upset that they were redoing this classic film. However, I did give it a chance and watched the whole thing. I thought it was going to be a live show. I did like a few of the castings but the casting of the main characters Johnny and Baby, I did not agree with which made it hard to sit through. Let this be a lesson to Hollywood to let classics such as Dirty Dancing rest in peace. Do not resurrect such masterpieces.

  14. One of the main problems I had with this was the actress playing Lisa seemed too young. She’s supposed to be about 20 or 21, but looked more like 16.
    I agree that Abigail Breslin cannot dance and I agree that there was a serious lack of chemistry between her and Johnny.

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