Go Ahead, Make My Drink – Book Review

Go Ahead, Make My Drink is available now.

I love pop culture inspired recipes, which is why when a copy of Go Ahead, Make My Drink: 60 Recipes Inspired by the Best of Film and Television by Anthony Marinese showed up at my door, I was very interested in checking out. Insight Editions has published a great gift for fans of pretty much any movie or TV show.

This hardcover book was even cooler than expected. I was a fan of almost every property mentioned! Each cocktail has its recipe with instructions, along with a few lines about its inspiration. There are also full-color illustrations by Horacio Cassinelli of the drink with a iconic prop from the film or program that inspired it.

Some of my personal favorites were the “Orange Whip” from The Blues Brothers and the “Vesper Martini” from James Bond. Ghostbusters is honored with a “Toasted Stay Puft” garnished with a toasted marshmallow. The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s drink is called “Sweet Transvestite.”

There’s plenty of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror properties represented in this collection, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Big Trouble in Little China, Doctor Who, and The Shining, yet there’s also loads of classic Hollywood as well, like The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca. This book can appeal to almost anyone.

Go Ahead, Make My Drink is a perfect present for the movie buff in your life.

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