The New York Yankees Fans’ Bucket List – Book Review

The New York Yankees Fans’ Bucket List is available now.

Triumph Books recently published a series that immediately intrigued me. The series of books are called The Fans’ Bucket List. TV and City received review copies of the Yankees and Mets editions, and I was more than happy to take a look at them.

The New York Yankees Fans’ Bucket List by Mark Feinsand was truly a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience. Feinsand is the Yankees beat reporter for the New York Daily News, which really helped him capture the essence of the book. I have been reading Feinsand’s work for years, yet this is by far my favorite. The foreword is written by David Cone, and really sets the tone for the book, which is quite simply a bucket list for Yankees fans; Thing every self-respecting fan needs to do in their lifetime to show their pinstripe pride.

Instead of just a plain bucket list, each item is followed by a brief explanation, a clever anecdote, or an interesting graphic. Along with “task” also came the locations, times, expense, and “bucket rank” for the event. The interesting stories within the book keep you interested throughout, even when reading about list items that you might not find as intriguing.

The list items in the book range from things such as candidates for the Yankees’ Mount Rushmore (I personally think it’s impossible to narrow it down to four players) and top Yankees-Red Sox rivalry moments, to clever anecdotes on John Sterling’s home run nicknames and Robert De Niro calling David Wells fat, with so much in between. Overall, there are a few dozen items on the bucket list, as well as another dozen historical moments that every Yankee fan should know.

However, I do believe that Mark Feinsand left off two items from the bucket list, both of which I would give a five bucket rating on the “bucket rank.” The first is one that came about after the publication of this book, which Feinsand could never have predicted, and that is to visit the new “Judge’s Chambers” in Yankee Stadium, a section in which fans dress up as court judges in support for Yankees rookie star and MVP candidate Aaron Judge. The second item I would add to the list is to purchase The New York Yankees Fans’ Bucket List, which is honestly a must read for anyone who claims to be a Yankee fan.

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