Little Big Shots: Forever Young – Opinion

Little Big Shots: Forever Young premieres June 21, 8pm on NBC.

Little Big Shots: Forever Young is a much more entertaining show than its ‘parent’, Little Big Shots. As incredible as it is to see child prodigies showing off their talent, it’s even better to watch senior citizens fulfill their dreams of performing.

The first episode of the Steve Harvey-hosted series featured performances from Larry, an opera-singing plumber, an 80-year old tap dancer, pastor and singer Shirley Caesar, (younger audiences may recognize her as the face of the viral video “Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, you naaame it!”), a humorous magician, and best of all, a member of the famous tightrope walking clan, the Flying Wallendas, 81 year old Carla Wallenda. Wallenda performed some high-flying, death-defying circus acts to the amazement of the crowd.

Betty White made a special guest appearance, as the “gatekeeper” of the senior celebrity club.

Similar to the original show with the tykes, Forever Young also has an interview segment with each guest, usually highlighting something funny about what’s about to come or has happened to the performer in the past. These informal interviews give a lighthearted feeling to the show, thanks to Harvey’s affable on-screen demeanor.

The fact that these older men and women are still able to do these acts after all these years is commendable, and a great inspiration for young viewers to never give up on their dreams.

Little Big Shots: Forever Young - Season 1