I’m Sorry: Season 1 – Review

I’m Sorry premieres July 12, 10pm on TruTV.

While watching Andrea Savage on her new comedy I’m Sorry, most couch potatoes will probably recognize her. If not by name, then by a character she’s played. For me it was her role as President Montez in Veep. For others, it will be Stepbrothers or Episodes. Savage has had a long career in comedy, and it’s awesome to see her rewarded with a starring role.

In her brainchild sitcom, I’m Sorry, Savage exposes her inner immaturity through unexpected life situations. The show is extremely vulgar and expletive ridden, yet undeniably entertaining.

The rest of the cast is great as well, particularly Judy Greer and Jason Mantzoukas. And there are plenty of guest stars like John Ross Bowie, Lizzy Caplan, Jamie Denbo, Rebecca Henderson, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, June Squibb, Gillian Vigman, and Kulap Vilaysack.

There’s no season long storyline, which is a shame. Still, every episode provides genuine laughter.

I give I’m Sorry an A-.

Image result for i'm sorry trutv

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