Loaded: Season 1 – Review

Loaded premieres July 17, 10pm on AMC.

Loaded (which aired in Britain already and is based on an Israeli show) is about four friends who developed a popular app, sold it, and are now rich. At least, that’s what I think it was about. The pilot seems to ditch exposition entirely. Instead, they focus on five romantic subplots and a conflict that only lasts the episode. The writers fail entirely to introduce the characters.

Without the proper background, I didn’t care about what was happening at all. The relationships are well underway, and the lawsuit that drives the premiere is also a remarkably unclear premise.

I think the message of the show is that people who get a ton of money turn into idiots, but I’m not entirely sure if it does this ironically, comedically, or dramatically.

Loaded may have a stellar story, but if it does, it’s hard to tell what it exactly is. The characters seem shallow, but hopefully they’ll grow beyond archetypes as the eight episode season progresses.

I give Loaded a D.

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