Ozark: Season 1 – Review

The full first season of Ozark is available July 21, only on Netflix.

Ozark is a Netflix drama about a man who accidently crosses a drug cartel and flees the big city to the Ozarks, Missouri.

The show follows normal drama tropes, with the cast all relegated to pretty basic characters. Ozark isn’t complex, but the writers seem to know that and trudge on. Ozark is cliché, yes, but the suspense and thrills of a quality program are still there. Jason Bateman gives it his all in a rare non-comedic performance. He also stepped behind the camera to direct four episodes, proving he really cares about this project.

I hate cutting reviews short, but absolutely nothing about Ozark stood out to me. If you get through the first two hours, you’ll be intrigued as to what happens next. Add the ten episodes to your watch list and you’ll get to it eventually.

I give Ozark a B-.