Ozark: Season 1 – Review

The full first season of Ozark is available July 21, only on Netflix.

Ozark is a Netflix drama about a man who accidently crosses a drug cartel and flees the big city to the Ozarks, Missouri.

The show follows normal drama tropes, with the cast all relegated to pretty basic characters. Ozark isn’t complex, but the writers seem to know that and trudge on. Ozark is cliché, yes, but the suspense and thrills of a quality program are still there. Jason Bateman gives it his all in a rare non-comedic performance. He also stepped behind the camera to direct four episodes, proving he really cares about this project.

I hate cutting reviews short, but absolutely nothing about Ozark stood out to me. If you get through the first two hours, you’ll be intrigued as to what happens next. Add the ten episodes to your watch list and you’ll get to it eventually.

I give Ozark a B-.


13 thoughts on “Ozark: Season 1 – Review

  1. was fuer eine miese und ungerechtfertigte kritik! ozark ist mehr entwicklung von charaktern und handlungsstraengen als in breaking bad. alle schauspieler und nicht nur die hauptprotagonisten liefern eine absolut herausragende leistung, die weit ueber alle erwartungen hinausgeht. familie, beziehungen, rollenverstaendnisse, kapitalismus und gesellschaftskritik insbesondere staatlicher instanzen sind thematisiert und zutiefst miteinander verwoben auf eine transzendierende ebene,
    die ueber religioese grenzen hinausgeht.
    ich finde diese tv-serie zusammen mit ‘the oa’ das beste,
    was bei netflix u.a. insgesamt geboten wird.

  2. this critique is at best shallow and totally unjustified. characters and story are more developing and evolving than in ‘breaking bad’. all ther actors – not only the main-protagonists – give absolute outstanding performances exceeding all expectations.
    family, relationships, gender-roles,capitalism and critic of western society, especially of goverment agencies are thematic and fused with each other on a transcendent level exceeding just religion.
    i rate ‘ozark’ together with ‘the oa’ the very best of netflix and similar.

    1. I agree with this! What a great show, it’s gripping, it’s intense and it always keeps you wanting more. The characters are perfect, the setting for the show is dark but beautiful at the same time. I at least give this a strong 9 maybe higher in my opinion.
      I also agree that this shallow criticism is uncalled for and unjustified. I don’t often come online to rate anything but with this show I felt I had to. More people should watch this show because it’s great from beginning to end.

    2. I absolutely agree with you. This is a 10 star series. I wrote almost the same in IMDb without reading your review. It says there is a lot to think with ozark…BEst

    3. I don’t even care to comment because this reviewer is a complete brain dead asshole.
      Totally awesome writing, cinematography, casting, directing and excellent plot development. The reviewer doesn’t deserve to watch such work. Go back to family Guy

  3. Ozark isn’t complex? Wonder if you even watched every episode. Your review is pretty off the mark. This show was a treat to watch and I can’t wait till the next season.

  4. So good I binge watched it over 3 nights. It was complex as far as I’m concerned and I don’t consider myself stupid, thank you very much. A sincere thank you to Netflix for an outstanding original series.

  5. A great show indeed. Brings out the best a family can give someone. Totally gripping, it takes one to a belief that there is nothing to loose upon your loved ones. Again the 10 episodes her brings out the best of what a person desires, it’s nothing but the best for your family. Would rate a big 9.

  6. I agree strongly with all the critics of the reviewer…what show were you watching! Lazy effort. I’m hooked on the storyline, characters, actors, production values…can’t wait for next season.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if these negative reviews of Ozark are pretentious. Or perhaps a negative review quota is long overdue. I really don’t know.
    “ add the ten episodes and you’ll get to it eventually.” It’s rare to read a review if Ozark that hadn’t been binge watched because you must see what happens next.
    The Langmores themselves are complex. Do your hate them? Feel bad for the life their living? What occurred to get them there? Root for them or wish them hell. Ruth alone is incredible, and I hope she gets a nomination.
    I haven’t seen an actor that has disappointed yet. In fact I’m reading on many of the actors because I’m so intrigued by their work in this.
    I know I’d love to watch Buddy’s back story. Anyone else?
    Charlottes angst filled one liners, love them. Many funny moments by many of the characters.
    I say we start critiquing those who critique.
    Nothing “ normal “ or “cliche” and predictable about this. I thought for a moment it moves a bit fast, may be the holy s*+*! moments could have been delayed over a few seasons. But then corrected myself. What do I know of this world they’re in.
    But it’s certainly intriguing. Waiting for season two.

  8. Monumental series Ozarks. The name barely made me interested, but I wated something new, adeventurosus.. it is perfect, I think it s the best TV series from ROME and Spartactus Seasons that caught me so bad… and this is dating over a decade from our time

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