People of Earth: Season 2 – Review

People of Earth returns July 24, 10:30pm on TBS.

By Jon Baker

The truth is out there, way out there, in the sleepy little hamlet of Beacon, New York. Because as it turns out, Beacon is a hotbed of alien abduction activity and more than a few strange things going on in around the town.

People of Earth returns to TBS for its second season on July 24 and gets us reacquainted with the alien abduction support group, Star-Crossed. These “experiencers” once again offer an eclectic and strange look at what it means to be abducted and live in a den of alien activity — activity, I might add, that is leading to a major event in human history.
There’s nothing normal going on for the folks who “believe” in Beacon and it’s how they go about their daily lives steeped in the knowledge they’ve experienced an alien abduction that makes this show flow in a comedic and joyful way.

Journalist Ozzie Graham is back, having made the full move from New York high profile journalist to small-town writer looking into his own unique alien experiences. In fact, the whole crew from Star-Crossed is back for season 2, and while the group ended last season splintered and fragmented, a missing Gerry (Yes, the dream does come true) becomes the primer to get the group not only meeting again, but meeting at its old digs at the church.

But season 2 offers a few new faces (well, sort of) that toss their own unique brand of nutty into the mix. FBI Special Agent Alex Foster has been sent to Beacon to track down Jonathan Walsh, which will put her squarely in the crosshairs of the Star-Crossed folks. Former SNL alumnus Nasim Pedrad delivers a fun run as the hard-charging FBI agent who’s looking for redemption after shooting herself in the foot during an OP. She’s come to get Walsh, but she’s also going to get drawn into the group’s dynamics, which is fun to watch. She’s a strong addition to the show and delivers nice chemistry with Ozzie as they sort through the many issues each member of the group brings to the table.

Also new this year is “Eric,” a cube that will serve as Don and Jeff’s direct supervisor during their current mission. Eric’s arrival and more laid back style rankles Don from the beginning, but the Cube takes a liking to Jeff who eventually returns, alone, from Iceland after his attempt at human love with Kelly came crashing down.

Season 1 introduced us to the various personalities of Gina, Kelly, Gerry, Richard, Margaret, Chelsea, Yvonne and, of course Ozzie, as they related to each other in the world of alien activity. Season 2 delivers a more in-depth looks at their battle to find out what it all means and why it seems that some of them were abducted as children. The clues come fast and funny, and our new additions add a wonderful new flavor to the proceedings. And yes, Father Doug is going to work through his passionate feelings for Chelsea, while trying hard not to get caught up in the Star-Crossed world, while Office Glimmer keeps the reptilians safe from prying eyes — while learning how to iron skin skillfully.

People of Earth is one of those shows that doesn’t rely on slapstick kinds of stuff to make its point humorously. It explores human feelings and relationships in the context of how being abducted by aliens affects each one differently. I find this show to be fun and not nearly so lite as some may think it sounds. There are things to think about and more than few chuckle-inducing moments through each episode. My personal favorites are when “Don the White” is trying to figure out his relationship with the newly-arrived Eric (the Cube). His exasperation with his boss’ mission-centric techniques with Gerry (Yes, Gerry gets nabbed at last) is really humorous.

If you didn’t catch season 1 of People of Earth last year, I think you can pick right up to speed quickly in season 2. Beacon looks like a fun place to visit.

I give People of Earth’s second season a B+.