The Sinner: Season 1 – Review

The Sinner premieres August 2, 10pm on USA.

A series pilot opening with a murder is no shocker, especially in a drama. But what makes The Sinner’s early scenes unique is the context of the killing. Cora (Jessica Beil) pounces on a fellow beachgoer with a knife and stabs him to death right in front of her husband, son, and dozens of others relaxing on the shore, for no reason whatsoever.

The Sinner isn’t a whodunit, rather a whydunit. The premiere sets up a season of mystery. What motivated Cora to murder this man? She confesses to her crime obviously, and even she wants to get to the bottom of this. Hopefully everything will be wrapped up in the eight episode run.

The writing is the worst part of the show, but then again it’s nothing more than a summer guilty pleasure. You can tell the cast is giving it their all. The story is thrilling and keeps you hooked, and I’d definitely recommend it.

I give The Sinner a B+.

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