Swedish Dicks: Season 1 – Review

Swedish Dicks premieres August 2, 8pm on Pop TV.

Swedish Dicks follows two unlicensed Swedish private investigators trying to make a living in Los Angeles. It’s a comedy procedural, and is somewhat formulaic. Also, Keanu Reeves has a recurring guest role.

The show is good, but doesn’t stand out as extraordinary. The characters have deep backstories that are explored throughout the season. The episodes are well structured, and the plot of each episode is solid, but again, nothing great.

The aesthetics of the show are downright terrible though. You can tell there was extremely low production value. The sets are all just generic dirty places, and the lighting is always annoying. It’s seriously like Always Sunny in Philadelphia pilot levels of bad.

Ultimately, the highest compliment I can give to Swedish Dicks is that it’s not unwatchable.

I give Swedish Dicks a C+.