BoJack Horseman: Season 4 – Review

BoJack Horseman is back September 8, only on Netflix.

Ever heard of BoJack Horseman? Back in the 90s he was in a “very famous TV show,” now he’s a washed up alcoholic narcissist with countless problems. Oh, and he’s animated! And a horse! This might sound crazy, but he is the central character in one of Netflix’s best shows.

Last year’s third season is an incredibly tough act to follow. Throughout all 13 episodes it was constantly hilarious and heartbreaking. I kept hoping for this year’s installments to reach that high, and that genius was eventually reached. Unfortunately it took much too long.

Season 4 relies on filler episodes and minor characters to drive it along. BoJack has a fantastic arc this season involving his estranged mother, and I kept wishing for more of that. Whenever the titular character wasn’t on screen the show failed. The solo adventures of Mr. Peanutbutter or Princess Carolyn worked in the past, yet this time around they aren’t enough on their own. The supporting cast needs BoJack with them, and he’s noticeably absent from the spotlight in season 4’s front half. Once his storyline is set in motion, the show becomes amazing again.

Ultimately, those last six episodes can’t save the opening few. It’s well worth watching the beginning to understand the end, but as a critic I can’t ignore the pitfalls of this season as a whole.

I give BoJack Horseman‘s fourth season a B-.