Broad City: Season 4 – Review

Broad City‘s fourth season premieres September 13, 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

More than period jokes, Broad City runs on the amazing friendship of Abbi and Ilana. Jacobson and Glazer’s real-life chemistry translates onto the screen incredibly well. That’s the main reason Broad City was able to survive the jump from short form web series to primetime television. They are definitely one of TV’s best duos, and I’ve stuck with them for three seasons.

The season four premiere finally shows us how the girls met back in 2011. This could serve as a good jump on point for new viewers but they might not catch some of the running jokes featured, like Bevers moving in or Abbi’s Oprah tattoo. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed in the premiere. I think the writers could’ve come up with something better for how they met. If you’re expecting some big event, don’t.

The remaining episodes get back to present time and bring plenty of parties, hookups, and New York City adventures for the gals. The highlight of the season airs October 25 and is titled ‘Witches’, which features political commentary on the Trump administration in a way only one of the most “feminist” shows on TV could pull off.

Speaking of Trump, his name is bleeped out of episodes and treated as a curse word. You can decide on your own if you agree with that decision, but I thought it got an important point across.

If you didn’t enjoy Broad City before, the new season certainly won’t win you over. In the upcoming episodes, Abbi and Ilana try shrooms and visit Florida, but It’s more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing per say, but perhaps the show should switch up the dynamic for a few episodes to make things feel fresh.

I give Broad City Season 4 a B.

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