Nathan For You: A Celebration – Opinion

Nathan For You: A Celebration airs September 21, 10pm on Comedy Central.

Fans of the cult comedy series Nathan For You have been waiting for more Nathan Fielder since season three ended in December 2015. Ahead of next week’s season four premiere, Comedy Central is airing Nathan For You: A Celebration, in which Nathan checks in with former guests of the show and teases upcoming stunts.

Framed as a professional “best of” special, the hour program features flashy celebratory graphics and even a host. But just like a regular episode of Nathan For You, absurdity abounds. It’s all very niche and might not appeal to your sense of humor. Fielder is fantastically cringe-worthy as his nerdy character, making every conversation painfully awkward.

The guests from past seasons include the “Ghost Realtor”, the teenage bad boy, and more. The highlight is PI Brian Wolfe; Fielder dug up some dirty secrets from his past. Viral sensation Summit Ice also gets its due when Nathan visits the Vancouver Holocaust Awareness Center to drop off a large (but tiny) check.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve missed something until it returns. Welcome back Nathan For You.

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