Young Sheldon: Season 1 – Review

Young Sheldon airs its pilot September 25, 8:30pm on CBS. The series returns on November 2.

The most enjoyable aspect of Young Sheldon, unsurprisingly, is the little star himself. Nine year-old Iain Armitage was fantastic in Big Little Lies earlier this year and continues that streak here. While his character will never be as iconic as Jim Parsons’ portrayal, Armitage’s Sheldon’s quirks and supreme intelligence provide almost all of this spin off’s humor.

Each episode’s formula is simple: Sheldon needs to fit in a social situation. Before the credits, Parsons provides a voiceover about the lesson the boy genius learned that week.

My favorite part was the relationship between Sheldon and his mother, and it looks like the father-son bond will be explored as well. Thankfully there is no pesky laugh track, unlike The Big Bang Theory. Even Big Bang haters might find something to like about this feel good, family friendly show.

The only thing ruining Young Sheldon is that we know how insufferable the guy is as an adult.

I give Young Sheldon a B+.



One thought on “Young Sheldon: Season 1 – Review

  1. I agree – the relationship between Sheldon and his mother is an enjoyable dynamic. In a world that doesn’t understand him, she is always in his corner. I found his older brother to be a bit obnoxious, but I realize that’s purposeful.

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