SEAL Team: Season 1 – Opinion

SEAL Team premieres September 27th, 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

It’s almost pointless to write a review of a show like SEAL Team. Those looking for prestige programming already won’t be tuning in, but the show certainly appeals to a lot of people. Sometimes you just need a bit of mindless action.

In SEAL‘s defense it does aim to be more than a standard military procedural. (Much like NBC’s The Brave) The story not only focuses on soldiers in the battlefield, but also at home. Will viewers care about the heroes’ personal and family lives or do they just want to see them shoot guns?

The show’s other big draw is star David Boreanaz. Fresh off a long run on Bones, it’s surprising he is so eager to jump back into network TV. Those who miss seeing him on screen each week should add SEAL Team to their DVR. Like CSI, or really any CBS show, you can just jump into these adventures at any point. Don’t worry about missing an episode.

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