Great News: Season 2 – Opinion

Great News returns for a second season September 28th, 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

Our favorite news team is back for Season 2! The workplace comedy Great News flew under most people’s radar earlier this year when NBC decided to burn off its episodes during midseason, all within a few weeks. Now, with a true prime time slot, more viewers will be introduced to the show’s fantastic cast.

Great News‘ ensemble is made up of mostly unknowns although you’ve probably seen most of them in small comedic roles. The stand out of course is Andrea Martin, finally in the spotlight. For its sophomore season the show has added two more actors into the mix. Veep’s Reid Scott is now featured, and more even more exciting, Tina Fey.

Appearing in over half the season, Fey (who also executive produces) plays a character described as “Sheryl Sandberg on steroids.”

Her fancifully named Diana St. Tropez becomes the new boss of the newsroom and is immediately at odds with Martin’s character. She also gets involved with the other characters’ subplots. Tropez is a super powerful career oriented woman. Fey rarely gets to play characters like this and it’s funny to see her as sort of the anti-Liz Lemon.

Great News didn’t do too well in terms of ratings during Season 1. Perhaps the addition of a big name will help bolster viewership. More people deserve to see this show.

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