Will & Grace: Season 9 – Review

Will & Grace returns to NBC on September 28th at 9pm.

Will & Grace wastes no time getting back into its old rhythms. Despite being off the air for 11 years, the sitcom successfully reintroduces every main character and their respective quirks in mere minutes. The first scene of the premiere catches us up to what the pals have been doing and essentially reverses the events of the old series finale. In a meta moment, Sean Hayes’ Jack turns to the camera and asks us, “Got it?”

That’s about the most that the new season of Will & Grace draws on its vast history. Although subsequent episodes bring back classic characters like Grace’s (Debra Messing) ex-husband ). Longtime fans will be able to look past this narrative flaw, but new viewers, like myself, will wish for a bit more backstory. This isn’t a revival you can just jump into. People who watched the comedy’s original run will enjoy these new stories immensely more than someone discovering it now.

It was inevitable the show would address President Trump. After all, this revival stemmed from a short 2016 election special. And Trump jokes are fine, but Will & Grace goes overboard with jabs at the Donald. A show like Will & Grace is inherently political, yet the premiere focusing its plot on Trump is unnecessary. Nowadays, when there is so much fantastic political humor to find, I don’t need to get it via shallow jokes on in NBC sitcom.

With how much society has progressed since it went off the air, it will be interesting to see how audiences will feel having a straight guy play the gay lead, and having a gay man play a stereotype.

But most importantly, the show is still funny. You are guaranteed to laugh. Karen (Megan Mullally) is hilarious as ever. Will (Eric McCormack) is fantastic. Will & Grace isn’t a necessary revival, but it’s a welcome one.

I give Will & Grace Season 9 a B-.

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