Wisdom of the Crowd: Season 1 – Review

Wisdom of the Crowd airs Sundays, 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

Another fall season, another crop of television shows ready for cancellation. The new tech drama Wisdom of the Crowd is clearly destined for a “one season and done” fate.

Jeremy Piven plays a father with a genius idea: he develops a crowdsourced platform to solve the mystery of his daughter’s death. This reddit-looking app takes off, forming the show’s weekly procedural format.

The concept sounds fascinating on paper but is executed terribly. Poor acting drags down an already dreadful script. The case of the week aspect doesn’t blend well with the overarching plot.

CBS was clearly trying to replicate their previous success with Person of Interest. Executives should have realized the ‘rich guy reinvents crime fighting’ just recently failed with APB and Pure Genius.

I give Wisdom of the Crowd a C-.

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