NYCC 2017: The Tick Dangerboat

This October, New York Comic Con pass-holders got the chance to experience Dangerboat, an immersive and explorable custom-designed space in promotion of the Amazon Prime Exclusive Series, The Tick.

Right on the convention floor, guests were treated to hidden surprises and giveaways within the ship itself. Dangerboat’s AI came to life, chatting up attendees as they explored the ship and gained personalized insights into the world of The Tick.

NVE_ComicCon_Fri_043_preview.jpegFirst, we designed our own superhero profiles, with powers and equipment, to be printed out on ID cards. Then we spent some time flipping switches and pressing buttons on the vast control panels.

Towards the exit, we picked up a can of Fo-Ham, a ham substitute featured in the show. The prop can was filled with limited edition pins. Lastly, you were able to strike you own 360° hero pose, captured in GIF format.

The Tick Dangerboat Experience was a fun time, but it didn’t have much in it that seemed like an ‘experience.’ The superhero creation was boring compared to other convention offerings, and unless you’re a button clicking enthusiast, the exclusive swag is the only draw.


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