Lore: Season 1 – Review

The first season of Lore is available October 13th, only on Amazon Prime Video.

Based on the popular podcast of the same name, each episode of Lore delves into a different eerie tall from history. Unfortunately, the podcast format does not translate well onto the screen. For those looking for a new horror binge, this is not it.

The worst thing about the show is narrator Aaron Mahnke. His voice is so robot-like, I nearly went insane. If you’re committed to watching the whole season, you better get used to it.

It’s hard to describe Lore‘s format, mostly because it seems like the writers wanted something different every day of production. There’s some animation sequences, reenactments of crucial events, and typical documentary style photos, all with Mahnke’s bland voiceover.

The final product is nothing more than the audio you’d hear in the podcast, now with some visual aspects. So what was the point in bringing Lore to television? The stories are only semi-interesting, and all the show’s flaws make it barely watchable. Even with Halloween around the corner, give Lore a pass.

I give Lore a C.