Hit the Road: Season 1 – Review

Hit the Road premieres October 17th, 10pm on AT&T’s Audience Network.

Jason Alexander can do better than his new gig on Hit the Road. The Seinfeld star’s new series is about a family of musicians who drive around the country in a used RV, trying to get any gig they can. They’re a “values-band” à la the Partridge Family, but in reality the characters are anything but wholesome.

The family includes dad Ken (Alexander), a former used-car dealer from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; mom Meg (Amy Pietz); teenage daughter Ria (Natalie Sharp), who flaunts her sex appeal to advance her career; son Alex (Nick Marini), the resident druggie; the youngest Casey (Maddie Dixon-Poirier); and adopted son Jermaine (Tim Johnson Jr.), who is prone to nosebleeds and wants nothing more than to leave the band for boarding school.

Hit the Road‘s premise is actually a great idea for a show, and in other hands perhaps it would’ve been a success. Unfortunately, the half hour episodes are almost completely filled with immature jokes and sex humor. I crack up at that stuff as much as the next guy, but the writing here needs substance. We get it, the family’s last name is Swallow. Ha ha.

While there are a few truly funny moments to be found, the raunchiness always misfires and comes off as sophomoric. Save some time and skip Hit the Road in favor of Loudermilk, the other Audience Network show premiering tonight.

I give Hit the Road a C-.



One thought on “Hit the Road: Season 1 – Review

  1. I wanted to like it. I liked the satire angle of a “Partridge Family” type of show. I knew it would be edgy.
    But this show is absolutely vile. I barely got halfway through the first episode when I said, “enough.”
    I blame subscription TV Services, which wrongly assume that audiences WANT this kind of vile comedy chock full of F bombs, gratuitous sex, and the dirty underbelly of drug culture as comedy. We don’t.
    Just because it bypasses FCC rules for public airwaves, doesn’t mean it should.
    And that’s what killed this show for me. It’s just vile, potty mouth, un-funny humor.

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